Andy and Solbi show their love on radio show

Andy and Solbi, who plays his make-believe wife on MBC “We Got Married” have taken to showing their affection for each other on radio

Andy and Solbi

Andy was on KBS Radio Cool FM on 30th April and Solbi who was listening to the radio broadcast at that time sent a text message to the radio show. Radio deejay, Maybee saw this and decided to call-out to Solbi suddenly.

Solbi said during the call, “I’m now listening to the show, Andy oppa is beside you right? Please tell Andy oppa that I miss him very much”, not hiding her feelings for him. She also showed her support for Andy’s new song. Andy then greeted Solbi back and they both started chatting happily on the phone.

Full transcript of radio show between Andy and Solbi
(Credit to SuhHyunMine@soompi)

Listeners felt jealous of them but yet felt that they looked really compatible with each other and will supported Andy and Solbi as a couple.

Andy also introduced his new song “Propose” from his repackaged album and said, “Listeners have expressed their anticipation for this and felt that it would be a success.” Andy continued, “I was kind of worried initially but after hearing their reactions, I was relieved.” He also thanked his fans for their support.

Andy will appear in today’s KBS Music Bank to promote his new song, “Propose” from his repackaged first album and start his promotional activities.

5 thoughts on “Andy and Solbi show their love on radio show

  1. hahaha! Thanks for posting this!
    I think this is really suave and they do make a cute couple.
    They both deserve to be happy.
    If they were to date in real like… i will give my thumps up!
    AnBi Couple Aja Aja Fighting!!!

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