Relive Alex and Shin Ae moments from We Got Married

Fan-made tribute to the romantic model couple Alex and Shin Ae. They are leaving the show but their memories will remain etched in our memories. The song “Only You” is aptly used to describe their fairy-tale romance from awkwardness to being comfortable with each other. We watched and saw their progression. What will Alex say to Shin Ae in their final episode this weekend?

Stay tuned…credit to

11 thoughts on “Relive Alex and Shin Ae moments from We Got Married

  1. Oh Alvin, I feel so honored that my tribute made it here!

    I seriously hope they come back after Alex’s activities.

  2. Nice vid. Yeah cant wait to see last weeks episode with subs and next weeks episode. gonna miss them.

  3. Is next week their final episode? I have a feeling that the PDs will stretch it for another two.

  4. aww i’ll miss this couple they’re the reason why i watch the show..well know i watch it because it is so funny and sweet…but they’ll definitely be missed..i do hope they come back tho on the plus side i am looking forward to Alex’s solo activities, he has a great voice..thanks for the the subs coolsmurf =)

  5. first time i hear about this variety show & now i’m hooked
    since i felled inlove with this couple. haha. wow. im officially an alex&shin ae supporter XD.

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