Andy gives Solbi a ring as present

Andy from Shinhwa has apparently given a ring as a present to Solbi who plays his make-believe wife on popular MBC variety program “We Got Married”.

Solbi and Andy

Through the program, Andy and Solbi has largely raised their profile in Korea and are currently enjoying a higher lease of popularity as compared to the past. And it’s largely due to Solbi who has made her role in their relationship really important thanks to her unbridled charisma. Andy wanted to thank Solbi on this account and decided to give her a ring as a present.

The production team for “We Got Married” expressed on 30th April that Andy had been in China in mid-April for his first solo concert. During that period, he had expressed, “To thank Solbi for her help, I got a ring for her.” The scene where Andy hands Solbi the ring was recently recorded on camera and will be shown on “We Got Married” in due time.

ND Entertainment expressed, “The ring gift is only to express his thanks to Solbi on the program, there’s no other meaning in that.”

Fans of Andy were already pretty incensed with the kissing scene between him and Solbi and now this. They remarked, “Of all presents, why a ring and not some other accessories like necklace, ear rings, etc?”, “Doesn’t he know what a ring symbolises?”, “Can the program end any sooner…”

But others defended Andy saying that it was only for the program and nothing else. Another added, “As long as Andy oppa is happy, we are contended.”

16 thoughts on “Andy gives Solbi a ring as present

  1. That is so sweet! Although Andy said earlier that he considers Solbi as a younger sister, action speaks louder than words. He could have brought her something else (like Crown J buying shoes for Seo In Young when he went to the US). I smell real life romance here! (I wish!) 🙂

  2. i remember Kim Jong Kook gave Yoon Eun Hye a ring as a present, and now Andy is doing the same thing. And the funny part is that they both said the same thing after giving the ring: Only to thank for….
    It was obvious that everyone would think something else considering the fact that usually a guy gives a ring a present in certain conditions. But, hey, they’re already playing a newly-married couple , why not give her a ring? and still… 🙂

  3. i agree with standiari.. why give her a ring? =) shinwa guys were pretty close with KJK and YEH before because of Xman and they know what how people perceived the ring that KJK gave YEH as a ‘thank you’ present..people are bound to be suspicious.. hehe.. and the last episode, it seems like andy was really proud of solbi as his wife and was claiming her for himself..oh well.. they are married anyway hehe.. 😉

  4. lol even though i seriously want to believe that there’s something, i just think that its a gimmick to get people talking. ^^
    give her anything, people will talk. lol. give her food and netizens will talk. ahh. =)
    whatever. i still loovveeee this couple to pieces. hehe

  5. How exciting! I know Andy said it’s just a thank you gift, but wow! I don’t know how it is in Korea, but if a girl gets a ring in America it’s a big deal. I can’t wait to see Solbi’s reaction.

    Even if they don’t end up really dating, maybe they’ll stay good friends. 🙂 But I’m rooting for Anbi to become real!

    Thanks for the post!!!!!!!!

  6. i am totally agree with ‘jaime’ that it’s just a gimmick to get netizen talkin about the program
    but still i like ANBI the most they are such a cute couple
    and i hope they will date in real life
    ANBI fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. So sweet! I really wish that AnBi would become a couple in real life! But regardless, a least they are a great fantasy couple.

    Ha! I make my boyfriend watch this with me so he can learn how to be sweeter!

  8. awww how cute!! hehe.
    I think Andy and Solbi are a really cute couple.
    I don’t see nothing wrong with giving her a ring…

  9. *This message is for any of those “fans” that are attacking Andy right now-
    .. Anyone else, disregard this message.

    You people that are attacking Andy and Solbi are selfish, rude and nasty.

    If you “fans” truly cared for the well-being of your precious Andy, you should not pass judgement so quickly and learn to be quiet. Honestly, what do you people know? It’s not like you know these two personally! Andy’s “fans” will never know what it feels like to be under pressure and stress 24/7 to please everyone else and sacrifice his own feelings. Why do you people think it’s okay to judge him so quickly, while if you were in his shoes, you would be emotionally drained? Do you people have no sense of decency?
    Or maybe you’re all just idiotic, immature little brats. Whether or not this ring is meant as a romantic gesture ( Just because you have no romance in your lives- don’t be jealous of others ) or just a “Thank you” gift, why should anyone really have a say in it besides Andy or Solbi? Wouldn’t you people want Andy to be happy, regardless of your objections? And more importantly, why are people even objecting to this? They are normal people~ They feel what we feel, they want to do what we do, and my goodness, if they want to flirt with a bowl of jjajjahngmyun, then let them do it..!! They are not killing anyone- in fact, their popularity is soaring sky high, and people like those fans are what’s bringing their morale down. If these two truly have something special, then we should be encouraging them to not be afraid to come out and be open about it. We would respect them more if they were brave about it, instead of many, many Korean celebrities that have to sneak around with their personal love life. If they are just friends, then they’re JUST friends and nothing more, so get off their backs.
    And most importantly, this is what REALLY rubs me the wrong way about you “fans”..

    We all know that out of all of the members of Shinhwa, Andy is the “shy, reserved, and loner type”.. if you dig a bit deeper, he is actually a very insecure man with low self-esteem compared to the other members of Shinhwa. You can clearly see it when Solbi brings up Eric, or when he told Solbi to not look at other “oppa-deul”. It’s crystal clear that he has self-esteem and confidence issues, therefore, you people should wake up- Give him encouragement, give him support, stop belittling him and just let him be happy and carefree with his life. Stop ignoring the fact that he is a human being, just like the rest of us. We should respect him and be understanding of any decisions he makes with his private life.

  10. I also posted that because a lot of (anti) fans were telling Andy to stop talking to Solbi, and depressing him because they hate how he is when he’s with her on WGM. I even read on another post how Solbi is looking pretty down these days, and obviously, you guys must’ve heard about Andy’s diary post.

  11. As a fan of Andy, i seriously think that if andy and solbi are really in love, then they should be together:))They look so cute together. What’s more important is that they are happy with each other and as a fan i think that this couple is a match from heaven. I mean from what you all see, don’t you all agree? Instead of like telling them to stop be together, we should like bless them well ? You don’t want to see them depressed and sad or down, do you??Well, if someone wants to see them separated, then i think that means that someone is not a fan but a selfish sabotaging being.

  12. aaa gyopta andi and solbi…
    please andi n solbi dont seperate….
    i love both of u…..
    i really want to see anbi become real married….

    dont hear people talk about ur relationship…
    just be honest n go for it…
    love not come at the second chance…
    so take a chance…..and dont be afraid…
    love u anbi…..!!!!!!

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