Kim Ok Bin labelled as Korean Beyonce on Youtube

Korea’s Beyonce?

Kim Ok Bin = Korean Beyonce?

Wearing a low-cut mini skirt with her long hair flying around as she moves her body, her power dance has seen her being labelled as the Korean Beyonce and becoming a hot topic of discussion among netizens. The person we are talking about here is none other than actress Kim Ok Bin.

The video titled, “Korean Beyonce Sexy Dance” on the world’s largest video sharing website, Youtube has attracted the eyeballs of worldwide netizens.

This Kim Ok Bin sexy dance video was filmed from a CF that she was in last October. Netzens who saw this video commented, “Very fantasy”, “Sexier than Beyonce”, expressing that they will take note of Kim Ok Bin more often in future.

Kim Ok Bin is now busy filming “Bat” directed by Park Chan Wook.

14 thoughts on “Kim Ok Bin labelled as Korean Beyonce on Youtube

  1. I don’t know why ppl like to address other as “Korean someone-famous”
    I mean … couldn’t they just called her Sexy Ok bin or Dancing Ok bin or something like that??
    (okay ..okay.. I admit my suggestions weren’t that good ^^)

    But still.. my point is… why label it as “korean beyonce”? – that just like label you as a wannabe, saying you’ll never be as good as the original!

    okay.. beside this point…

    Ok bin is so pretty..
    I usually don’t like her in dramas and movies (don’t know why? maybe its the role she play?) but I must admit that she is very pretty… (and I think someone said she was a natural beauty? )

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  3. she acutually has a nice naturally curved body for a korean actress…some of them are just stright up and down which isn’t appealing

  4. Sure, she dances sexy but no way would I label her as ‘Korean Beyonce’ lol and if I did have to, I would give that title to Stephanie.

  5. You know, this is all over Korean sites, yet it’s really not that big of a deal considering that those Korean Youtube videos are usually seen by Koreans, not Americans.

    I also have no earthly idea how you could say this girl is the “Korean Beyonce.” She’s cute and a fairly good actress, but the dance moves were basic, and if you’ve seen Beyonce dance, the latter is much more powerful and strong in her movements.

    There are wayy better dancers in Korea that could beat Kim Ok Bin any day… Ivy, Stephanie from CSJH, Hyo Yeon from SNSD, Min, etc. etc.

  6. because hyori and boa can’t do the same thing? rain could probably do the same dance and totally put k.o.b. to shame. now that would be a sight to see.

  7. I have to admit she’s pretty but I’ve never really like her role in Over the Rainbow, pretty bad role/character. And wasn’t this news a while back already? (: Also her dancing is pretty alright, I’ve seen better.

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