BoA sports short hair for new Hite Beer CF

BoA cuts her hair short during the filming of her new Hite Beer CF recently.

BoA new short hairstyle

Her new Hite Beer CF will be shown on television from 25th May onwards and in it, you will see a totally new BoA before your eyes with her new short hair, a vast difference from the long hair that fans are accumstomed to.

According to the CF production team, “The beer brand that BoA is endorsing will be undergoing a big-scale transformation so we requested her to appear in a brand new image too. After consultation with BoA, we decided on a short hair image for her. BoA herself was shocked after seeing her new hairstyle.”

21 thoughts on “BoA sports short hair for new Hite Beer CF

  1. I think it’s good she tried something new! Even a beautiful long hair can become boring eventually…

  2. NO BoA!!!…your beautiful hair is gone!!
    why does anyone think they can pull off a coffee prince haircut?!!

  3. Whoops submitted too early. My friend translated the news for me from this Korean place, and I just finished writing about it… but I did NOT know it wasn’t a wig! *goes to BJJ*


  4. OMG I’m also shocked when I see the pic… lol
    Is that for real ?? She doesn’t wear a wig ?? o.O

  5. looks like they did a mullet and pulled the hair from the back to the front lol. not sure if i like it though

  6. omg!! boA no!! ahuhu. T.T i like her long hair better. ahuhu. that’s the trend nowadays LOL. her hair is already cutted we can’t stop her. XD. anyways.. if she’s happy with that its okay huhu..

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  8. She needs to lose this hairstyle. Long hair gets boring, but don’t you have a hair stylists???

  9. It may not look the best, but it’s not awful or anything. She still looks beautiful, I don’t see why everyone is freaking out over hair…Though what irks me is that the company she’s advertising for asked her to change her look, and while I understand they have the right to ask and suggest since they’re paying her and all, but from the little description it seemed like they ‘chose’ it for her or something…I just hope she did get to voice her opinion and that she’s happy, because that’s all that matters.

  10. YES i totally agree w/ VC
    no offense but
    BoA still looks cool and she is still awesome
    what rly matter is her voice no?
    and ye… if the company is rly the one that tell her to do it…. not even w/ her free will then THATs rly messed

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