Andy: Shinhwa members calls Solbi as sister-in-law

“Shinhwa members call Solbi their sister-in-law”, Andy revealing an interesting snippet since pairing up with Solbi in MBC “We Got Married”.

Andy was in Kangnam, Seoul on 29th April to film a facial product CF as he mentioned, “I was pretty worried about pairing up with Solbi before the recording.” He continued, “But once the recording started, I can feel the warm sincerity from Solbi’s heart. Our couple charisma came about thanks to Solbi support and help. I’m really grateful for that.”

As for Shinhwa’s reaction, Andy said, “They said things like Solbi is cute, etc. They often text me asking, ‘What is sister-in-law doing?’, making jokes like this. At this point, I would reply, ‘Sister-in-law is very busy’, it’s very interesting.”

As for real marriage, Andy said, “There’s still too many things that I want to do right now. I want to try acting, being in musicals. After I complete all these, I would love to meet the girl of my dreams then.”

7 thoughts on “Andy: Shinhwa members calls Solbi as sister-in-law

  1. they look too good together to be true! is it true that solbi and minwoo are good friends? i found that a bit surprising.

  2. andy jangan dkt2 solbi yaw…
    trus unt hye sung,dya ganteng banget dr seluruh personil shinhwa…
    truss bwat jun-jin,min woo hebat banget nge dance nya.
    trus klo eric and dong wan no coment

    Bye bye!!!!

  3. yeah..minwoo & solbi are friends…

    just watch sang sang plus…Yoona (SNSD) confirmed that she admire Andy..& Solbi also said that Andy girl dream is Yoona..but i will more prefer Solbi with Andy, they make really good match…AnBi fever…

  4. Excuse me please, i got a mess here!
    Isnt that Solbi Andy’s real wife?
    Or only for regording?
    Please anyone answer me this question…
    Coz i am still disappointed about my Andy got married !
    I am Shinwa’s latest fan!
    I admire Andy crazily!
    So please anyone tell me that whether Andy oready get married?

  5. no…it’s only for the show…they were just trying to show what newlyweds do….can’t you read it in the article?…or can’t you understand?….laah

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