Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong in We Got Married

Kim Hyun Joong (23) and Hwang Bo (29) has been confirmed to be the replacements for Alex and Shin Ae on popular MBC variety “We Got Married”. Both of them recorded the show for the 1st time on Jeju Island yesterday.

Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong

According to the production team, “Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo will appear as a make-believe newly-wedded couple on We Got Married. Both of them will portray a cute husband and mischievious wife respectively. (Something like Andy and Solbi?) We Got Married which has been invoking lots of discussions weekly will be reinforced with Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo entry.”

Basically just a confirmation that Alex and Shin Ae are off the show.

128 thoughts on “Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong in We Got Married

  1. hahhaha.im good with hwang bo and hyun joong. they can be the replacement of alex-shin ae.
    i like hwang bo because of her days in Xman and hyun joong because of his funny comments in SGB.
    looking forward to watch your newest we got married subbed videos 🙂 🙂

    thank youuuu alviiiinn 🙂

  2. Im looking forward too (even though it’s sad that alex an shinae leaves..)
    Hwangbo is a tough woman… I wonder how hyun joong is gooing to handle this woman ^^

  3. yay. i just love hwangbo’s attitude. But poor hyun joong . I think that what crown j’s couple has shown us is nothing compared to what we are going to see from this couple. And i’m gonna love every minute of it . 🙂

  4. But they are 6 years apart!! LOLLL… Nvm I think it’ll be fun with Hwang Bo’s personality and Hyun Joong’s hotness

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  6. I wanted to see more of the “old couple”, but I guess this will be fun also anyways. Maybe Alex was more forward lately because of the sudden move.

  7. isn’t hwangbo very much older than him???
    i thought hwangbo belongs to the shinhwa age group.. going to the 30s? or has she hit and joined the BIG 3 Club???

    thought it would be fun to see hwangbo… she’s MIA since loveletter…

    i don’t know why.. but i really don’t want to see hwangbo and him really fall in love.. its going to be hard.. sobZ

  8. what she’s like 10 years older than him O.o

    I love Hwang Bo though..Kim Hyun joong is a lil too….girly for me >_<

  9. I like the pairing! A feminine looking husband and a masculine looking wife and not to mention the age gap.

    They’re definitely a treat. I can’t wait!

  10. I’m sad that Alex and Shin ae will be leaving…where am I going to get my We got Married romance fix from now on?

    I’m not surprised with Hwang Bo-Kim Hyun Joong. Hwang Bo is a regular at game shows. I just hope they won’t play the whole cute hubby/mischevious wife routine. I think one couple like that (i.e Andy-Solbi) is enough. Let’s hopw this new couple will bring a different image to the show.

  11. Hahahahaha, I don’t think that Hyun Joong will be able to do the cute husband thing. He’s too mischievous and he’ll just end up laughing hysterically the whole entire time. Or he won’t wake up. Haha.

    Also, if Hwang Bo is a tomboy, then she might be his type. I remember from a video that he wants a girlfriend who will treat him like an equal… or something like that.

    Wah, I’ll miss Alex and Shin Ae.

  12. KHJ!!! <33 hehe.
    It would’ve been awesome if Tiffany was his wife ;D haha.
    aww I will miss Alex and Shin Ae.
    “We Got Married” is an awesome show~! hehe.

  13. How old is KHJ anyways?

    I will miss our AL-SHIN couple very much. They made my Sundays brighter. I look forward to this new pair and hope that they’ll be able to bring a new flavor of married life to the show.

  14. @chae-gyeong_01, think they relaxed it, Andy will be on KBS Music Bank this friday and SBS Inkigayo this sunday to promote his new song.

  15. coolsmurf, is this permanent or just temporary until alex finishes his recording? i didn’t like the idea of an idol on the show at first but paired with hwang bo i think it’ll be alright. just as long as he doesn’t act all idol-y and protects his squeaky clean image too much. the reason why everyone loves this show is that the artists show their true selves and it would be a dissapointment if they started getting afraid of netizens and anti-fans. well, who knows. haha. looking forward to it and the final alex-shin ae epi.

  16. awww alex and shin ae were one of the more interesting cute couples to watch!!! i look forward to this couple though…hwang bo is alwayz amusing =)….but yeah…like the comment before…is it permanant?

  17. are alex and shin ae returning back after the recordings or not?….
    im always looking forward for the Alex ands Shin ae couple eventho An-seobang couple are hilarious too.

  18. Hwang bo is not 29 years old, she’s not even 28 years old. :O
    Her birthday is on August 16 so technically she’s only 27 years old so far :P!

  19. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh T.T
    i don’t want alex and shinae to leaveee =(
    they were so cuteeee
    why do they have to leave?
    why can’t they just have everyone together???

    T.T T.T

  20. I like we got married game show. I like all couples in it expect A big man in it. I am so sorry for his wife……………

  21. Hwangbo and Hyun Joong is very compatible okays?
    what hyangbo tomboy. she’s cute and very lady also!
    hwangbo is so natural, she doesnt fake.

  22. i’m so glad that i found the website… i haven’t known that ” we got married is popular show in America…..
    also i’m one of the member who loves “we got married”
    Do you guys know that the new couple is kang in and yung ji Lee….i guess that it’s gonna be fun… i hope so..^^
    every body enjoy wiht we got married…and thaks to love Korean TV

  23. hyun jung meski lebih muda 6 thun dari Hwang Bo, mereka cocok juga. tapi mungkin Hyun joong akan lebih serasi kalau pasangannya lebih muda atau seperantara dengannya

  24. I love Kim. I m so jealous with him….he is the first korean man i fall in love with…But i hope they will be happy 🙂

  25. well, i dont think they look good together… its better if hyun joong will be paired with a cool girl… (not that hwang bo is not cool)….

  26. I love the pair.. They started out VERY VERY awkward but then warmed up.. Unlike other couple they seemed a little more genuine.. However at the beginning I thought Hwang Bo was a little too good for Kim Hyun Joong (he has 4D personality). She tried her best to please him.. (ok I won’t give out spoilers).. But later on I realized they were very compatible.. They were the most entertaining couple in my opinion..

  27. kim hyun joong is a very good actor and i like his songs, i only saw him act in boys over flowers and i was really impressed by the way he acted, i hope that i could see him more in other korean dramas*.

  28. i love kin huyn joong
    but when i found out that he got paired up with her, it was a lil disappointing
    they are funny, and make the how nice…but it wasn’t what i had in mind..it would be better if he got paired up with someone around his age or younger
    but she is very pretty…just not maybe for the situation

  29. i love kim hyun joong..
    i’m so glad that he have a girlfriend wich is pretty even if he’s younger than hwang bo…go for it kim hyun joong..hehehe
    AGE DOESN’T MATTER thats what they say…….go for it…

  30. haay,,i love kim hyun joong soo much..and i am also very glad se have found his girl..she is very pretty…..
    and one more thing….
    they look perfect together!!..
    their tv series entitled boys over flowers did really rocked my world…

  31. they are okay, but did hyun joong really fall for hwang bo?
    as in real life, not only in the show..

  32. i love kim hyun joong so mUch!!!
    i love lee min ho tOo,,
    sOmeday, i will be an actress,,, like geUm jandi!
    hehehe, and act with lee min ho and kim hyun joong! (^.-)
    (i wish)

  33. hey i like kim Hyun Joong., anyway where can see those videos., im just new i came up here while i was searching all about him.,, maybe this is story is cute where can i find it youtube??

  34. i dun think hwang bo should be compared to goo hye san…i mean..hwang bo is the partner of kim hyun joong from different show so..let her be..she is COOl..^^

    better watch we got married and see for yourself..

  35. Anna…i agreed with you. Me too like strong wife and sweet husband. Though Hwangbo is strong but she’s always respect her husband hyun joong. And though hyun joong sweet but he’s very firm and smart in what’s happening around him. He’s just a little shy other than that he will be a good, considerate, hardworking, can make jokes and smart husband. I will pray that hyun joong’s future be bright and full of happiness and stay healthy. (see you in singapore).

  36. Hi hyun joong how are you?you is very cute!What doYou will get merried and you can play a music?

  37. im so gelous to gf of kim hyun joong………the gf of kim hyun joong is so ugly……….kim hyun joong is 4 me only ok!……I LUV U…masuya ma dead!hahaha!

  38. Hallo,Kim Hyun Joong…
    you are the person who is perfect for me…
    whether he is the person you love..?
    Ilove you,because you sweet…
    anyone with a girlfriend you certainly happy…

  39. hwang bo is so pangit and tomboy gu hye sun and kim hyun joong is so partner god bye hwang bo becuase i dont really like u bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………..

  40. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    you @lways in my heart

  41. hahahhahahahaha
    kim hyun joong tuh fans berat lho di skolah kWq
    di skolah aqW jga lagi hebonya kim buM
    sampai-sampai pelatih exkul basket aqW di anggap kim hyun joong hehehe wkwkwkwk
    soalnya mukanya mirip bnget
    smoga film boys before flowers nich bsa sukses dech
    aqW slalu mendoakan dech klo mau cih hehehehe
    slalu ada doa dech buat bbf korea hehe
    f4 korea and jepang it’s the best…..

  42. kim hyun joong,………………………
    kpN k indonesia ………………
    aku pngn k temu tmn f 4 U..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,./'[;
    I ………..LOVE…………YOU/…

  43. Kimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………………..
    sumpah aqw end temeund2 ska bgd……………
    i like u because u cool………….

  44. hyunjoong and hwangbo are the best match!
    Those so called hyunjoong fans who cursed hwangbo by saying she’s old or ugly, shame on you , better learn to respect ppl first and be a well-educated fans, i don’t think hyunjoongie would love to see those nasty comments you guys posted!

  45. hyun joong and hwangbo!! <33
    regardless of the age difference, they're very compatible with each other. personality wise. besides, age is nothing but a number.

    andy+solbi =/= cute couple.
    i wonder how andy was able to handle her.
    she's so annoying and is such an airhead.

  46. @ kath. learn how to speak english. not everyone here can understand tagalog. besides, i think you’re the one who’s so “pangit” haha

  47. Hello there! I think this two couple are the best Hyun Joong and Hwangbo well for me they much each other , I love Hyun Joong its remind me of Bae Yong Joon.

  48. ewwwwwww…..hwang bo is not beautiful…i mean she’s not that beautiful,,,,they are not fit for each others…sorry for those who love and like hwang bo…….i’m just saying telling the truth……..

  49. joongbo are chemistry when they are stay together. in the first time when they met,it seem hwangbo not confident in herself but she can handle her way very well and hyun joong
    look a little bit awkward when he knew that his wife is older than him but he doesn’t show a disappointment…and their relationship is growing in every week..they try to learn in each other and hyun joong likes to make a joking wiz his talking..he’s such funny boy and i like an emotion between joongbo while stay in their home…we can see any activity and
    feeling as new bridge in a new home…so lovely and funny

  50. hye hwangbo and kim hyun joong!!!! i really love to watch you both in “so we get married”!!!! I’m from malaysia..but i really like korean actors and actress!! I really hope hwangbo and hyun joong will remain husband and wife and get married again in reality life..may God bless u both!! luv u!!!!!!=)

  51. i dont like the match……they are not suit to eachother…kim hyun joong will be ok if he is paired with someone younger…hyun joong plese forget about hwang bo!!!!!!!!

  52. Hi Kim
    U can marry anyone that u love. That’s ur own freedom.
    But, frankly speaking, i don’t want u to get married now. just not now!
    i like u so much in boys over flower and also as a member of SS501. u r so cute, so sweet, so cool. ur sweet face is showing how much ur heart’ll be full of kindness.

  53. Dear Kim Hyun Joong,
    I like you very much and I don’t want you to get married now,
    as you age is so young to marry.
    I like your performance in boys over flower ! I love your sweet voice . You said , you ‘ll insure your pupils ! I agree .
    You are so cute ,oppa!
    God bless you !
    I want you to read my mail .. How can I do ?
    But you are a busy guy .
    I am always your fun ….
    When I finish my Polytechnic years, I’ll come to you !

  54. why do you need to married with that girl???? =(…. she is not preety at all!!!! she is also such as tomboy…..you are handsome,please find a nice one… can you??????? you are so…………..,handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)

  55. Perfect couple………………………………………………………………..
    I love that girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. lop u alot than i can say . i love u n love u n loue u alotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

  57. ppls who said that HB is ugly, please dont say that words,thats hurt. it was not HB who want to be paired up with KHJ so dont blame on her if you dont like her. dont make bad image for KHJ’s fans. i think she is beautifull enough and i just know that she is very kind and generous girl.

  58. I agree with HJ4ever don’t treat HwangBo that way she’s beautiful and very
    kind to HyunJoong. They make the best couple in the show. There my favorite i watch it evey time on YouTube. But last farwell made me cry alot she really
    cared for him and He cared for her too. I was really sad they had to leave the show because thier busy doing other shows and Drama. Lettecs couple

  59. Kim Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo in We got married is hilarious. I’ve never seen any reality show/drama/movies/series which makes me laugh tis much!! I laughed non stop watchin it. Every episodes r damn funny..laugh til my tears roll out. This series is top of my list of all time favorite. KHJ is so unpredictable n spontaneous which cracks me up…alot..Very interesting personality he has back then..i hope he remains tis funny..n retains his unique personality…very special character indeed.

  60. how could you say hwang bo sshi is ugly?! fyi she’s a mexican type asian beauty her lips are so unique very sexy and it’s unusual in korea for a woman to have a lip like hers because it’s a heart shape like. That’s why she’s korea’s ultimate Angelina jolie she’s boyish type but can be sexy and that’s the image of angelina jolie she can be masculine in her acts but can be sexy at the same time.

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