We Got Married Episode 7 Summary + Preview

Solbi’s mum short appearance in MBC “We Got Married” has intrigued netizens.

In the Andy and Solbi segment of “We Got Married”, Solbi’s mum made an appearance. Her appearance came about as she appeared in her position as Andy’s mother-in-law (?) to help Solbi prepare food to bring to Shinhwa’s 10th Anniversary Concert for Shinhwa members to eat.

This was following the previous episodes where Solbi had conversed with her mum through the phone for help in the preparation of kimchi. This time though, her mum mades an appearance in the flesh.

After getting a SOS message from Solbi about not being able to do a proper Kimbap, her mum flew down immediately to their home and helped her to prepare it. Not only that, she also commented that, “Andy is the best out of the four”, showing her love for her son-in-law.

Immediately after, she said, “Compared to Solbi, my son-in-law is better”, “Alex is my man”, showing that she had the gift of the gab just like Solbi.

Solbi then went to the arena where Shinhwa was holding their 10th Anniversary Concert and met the members as she offered them the kimbap she had made. During their meal, Shinhwa suggested playing a strawberry feeding game. As Andy was preparing to feed Solbi with a strawberry in his mouth, the mischievious Dong Wan gave Solbi a slight push from the back, creating an impromtu kissing moment. Shinhwa wished them happiness in their marriage.

Solbi and Andy kiss!

Immediately after, Solbi in her interview kept saying non-stop, “What am I going to do…”, expressing that she of course felt great but isn’t sure how Andy oppa would feel about it. Andy expressed, “Although flustered but I still like it…”.

In other noteworthy segments, Alex did the Andy trademark heart dance for Shin Ae and KISSED her on the forehead!!!

I just felt a tinge of sadness seeing Alex and Shin Ae in the recording studios. Widely expected to be the last time we will see them on the show.

25 thoughts on “We Got Married Episode 7 Summary + Preview

  1. Argh! All these “We Got Married” updates always makes me want to see the new episode right away!



    this has got to be the best episodes ever!!!!!!!
    solbi’s mom!
    alex’s dance!
    alex’s bobo!!!


    huh i’m sad…they will not continue doing the series (ALEXSHINAE)..
    anywy, thanks for the news…
    I LOve Solbi’s mom…
    she’s roxks..

  5. yeah this was probably one of the best epi so far. not that i’m biased towards Shinhwa or anything… ok that’s a lie. I love Shinhwa. haha omg but AnBi’s bbo bbo were priceless! That Dongwan always the trouble maker. He’s so cute

  6. this is a reality show that i would definitely want to become REAL in REALITY.

    i can sense that alex and shinae still be together even after this.

    i’ll miss them. what they have seemed real. the way they looked into each other sorta seems more than what it appears to be.

  7. wow he kissed her. But it was obvious that all the shinhwa members knew about it.: they all had ready their camera to take a picture. And andy is a little suspicious in that picture. He’s smiling while he’s kissing her. He’s not acting very surprised.:D.

    As for alex and shin ae i hope, i really, really hope that they won’t leave.It’s gonna be an empty place, a big one without them in the show.I don’t want the dream guy of the show to be gone 😦

  8. I have never seen any of the episodes but can someone tell me exactly what this episodes or show is about or explain to me. Cause I seem to be reading and getting confused like crazy.

    Also, are any of the episodes out yet on you tube or something like that.

    Thanks to anyone who replies to me.

  9. Can s1 tell me why Alex&Shin Ae have to leave the show pls?
    and for coolsmurf..thanks a million for the upload and all the subbed u made in youtube:)..we r more than appreciated and thankful for what u have done.

  10. resabambino:
    “We Got Married” is a show about celebrity couples that are paired together and act like they are married. There are camera placed in main residence for each couple and camera crews follow the couples around and record their actions. There are 4 couples. The top three couples are:
    1- Andy from Shinhwa and Solbi from Typhoon (bands).
    2- Alex from Clazziquai and Shin Ae, a CF actress and model.
    3- In Young from Jewelry and Crown J (the youngest couple).

    Search for “We Got Married” or “coolsmurf” on youtube and you will find links to cuts from each of the episodes. There are currently 6 episodes with different number of parts on youtube by coolsmurf.

    Alex is supposed to leave the show to work on his next music album. Coolsmurf refers to all this in his past posts about this show.

  11. Oh I see…now that explains it a lot more better thank you

    gyopolife. ^_^ I am definitely looking it up.

  12. hahahaha.i just watched the episode. it’s very funny in many parts.

    andy-solbi: solbi’s mom, the ‘look at that’ kiss from andy, and then the kiss on the cheek because shinhwa protesed, and the kiss on the lips because of dongwan’s wit.hahaha.
    love this couple.

    alex-shin ae: alex sings to shin ae the ‘bobo hagushippo’ song @ the picnic, he ask shin ae if he could kiss her forehead, he kissed her forehead, then they play kites together where alex sucks at it.hahaha
    the couple that’s too good to be true.

    crown j-so in young: aftre he rapped inside the train, in young whispered to him asking him to do the ‘one more time’ ET dance. and he did it! it is sooooooooooo freaking funny!! love this couple mooooooooreee..

    hyung don-saori: hyung don follows andy alex’s romantic way, he brought a polaroid! auhuahauhuaha. they took picture together, but their faces are cut out, only nose and above shown in the picture. hahaha. they’re just the stupidest couple ever!

    for alvin, thank youuuuu sooo muccchhh!!!
    it’s good to be in spore, huh?i regret my decision for not going to spore last month because i decided to go to bali. hiks. i wanna shopppp!!!

  13. I feel you when you say a tinge of sadness looking at Alex-Shin Ae moments this episode. We know eventually they’ll leave the show but I’m still unwilling to see that happen.
    I’ll really miss Alex and Shin Ae.

    Back to the episode itself — love Alex’s peck on Shin Ae’s forehead. He had this mischevious look on him…almost like a boy getting his first kiss.

  14. o-cha,as a big fan of the Alex-ShinAe couple I’m also unwilling to see that happen yet,but alas..
    and my poor heart when he suddenly kissed her..he looked like a little boy after the kiss,but the determined/decided look he wore before he bend down and kissed her forehead was priceless as well,could almost see it going in his mind..”I looked so stupid doing a dance that everybody is going to watch on tv for her,there’s no way I can’t do this,..now or never”.. 🙂 If there was ever a moment where I can see clearly between the reality and make-belief on the show,that was it..the moment he kissed her forehead,thought it was all him and very personal.guess she felt it too.Wow I’ll really miss them on the show.

    and I hope we get to see more of Solbi’s mom in the future..she’s so candid.

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  16. Ahhhhh…
    im getting butterflies already by watching this video…
    can’t wait for the next episodes!!!
    good job and thank you for the one who uploads and subs the shows…(Coolsmurf@alvin u rock my socks out!!!)
    ur doing justice to the viewers who r not in Korea and clueless about their language…
    its soo crazy how korean variety shows really hype their viewers..even a Malaysian lass like me are glued every day to c the latest episodes uploaded…
    all i can say is………………….

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