Solbi: Me Dating Andy oppa? Wow, thank you~

“Saying I’m dating Andy oppa? If it looks like that, it means we have succeeded”, Solbi revealing her feelings towards Andy from Shinhwa.


In an interview with Sports Chosun on 25th April, Solbi denied allegations on the internet about their dating scandal and said that they were not dating at all in reality. “Frankly, I’m thankful for this scandal with Andy oppa. Isn’t this evidence that our acting in We Got Married was near perfect?” Solbi and Andy have had to reply constantly to reports whether they were really dating after their cute displays towards each in MBC “We Got Married” variety.

Solbi and Andy had created many romantic cute moments together, like the pool game where the winner/loser has to bobo the other party, Ja Jyung Myung relay game, etc. Solbi does not deny that she has a liking for Andy. “When I go to the recording now, my mood will change for the better.” Andy and Solbi look really compatible and at ease with each other during recording and naturally you find that you are watching a newly-wed couple in real life before you.

Solbi added, “I often think to myself during the recordings, the woman that Andy oppa eventually marries will live really happily with him. This is because he treats them so nicely. That’s why he’s so popular among female fans also.”

Their scandal was so serious that it had led to their respective managers to get suspicious about them. In fact, both managers had even contacted each other recently to check whether they were really dating off-screen.

7 thoughts on “Solbi: Me Dating Andy oppa? Wow, thank you~

  1. Ah! I really think they are cute together ^^
    Too bad Andy seems to think of Solbi as only a friend.

    Thanks for sharing/translating all the info that you do 🙂

  2. they are my fave couple. hehe. coz i relate to solbi alot. ^^
    yup, i agree Andy thinks of her as just a friend. its pretty obvious. maybe if she’s less agressive. hehe.

  3. Haha!

    Yea I relate to Solbi too.

    Let’s hope that Andy will be charmed by Solbi so that the scandal will turn true!

    Cute singers, cute managers! =)

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