Nam Gyu Ri appears in Kim Jong Wook stage

Kim Jong Wook is really lucky. After first collaborating with Jung So Young and Hwang Jung Eum, Nam Gyu Ri from SeeYa was his latest partner.

Nam Gyu Ri and Kim Jong Wook

Yesterday on Music Bank (April 25th) was Kim Jong Wook 3rd time performing the song and this time, he got Nam Gyu Ri from SeeYa to collaborate with him.

Just like the previous two girls, Nam Gyu Ri also wore a wedding gown and looked really beautiful in it as Kim Jong Wook serenaded her. It was cute seeing Nam Gyu Ri singing along and looking so angelic with that flower hairband.

“Only You” became famous overnight after becoming MBC “We Got Married” theme song and his collaborations with female stars has got him noticed.

Jung So Young and Hwang Jung Eum

He first performed “Only You” on KBS Music Bank with Jung So Young on 18th April and then on SBS Inkigayo with Hwang Jung Eum two days later. While the first performance was awkward, the second was noticeably better and together with Hwang Jung Eum, they became the No.1 search term among search engines for that day and his popularity was really soaring.

7 thoughts on “Nam Gyu Ri appears in Kim Jong Wook stage

  1. alvin oppa, may i request for the lyrics please? =) in hangul. i wanna singgg it.. for “Only You”. hehe. ^^
    i’ve been looking for it everywhere. but ehh. my hangul skills are still sucky. ^^ i dont think you already posted it.. hmm.

    btw. jong wook is becoming more good looking. ^^

  2. I thought NGR lost some weight, her arms look so thin. And I don’t think she should have lip singed along with him, kinda of ruins the effect. But I guess it gets boring for a performer to just stand there holding flowers when she is usually the one singing on stage. Still she is very pretty.

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