Andy gets pranked on Change again

Andy has once again fallen to the pranks of SBS “Change” after first experiencing it in the first episode with Lee Hyo Ri and Kangin.

Lee Hyo Ri and Andy doing yoga

In SBS “Change” scheduled for this Sunday, April 27th, MC Mong turns himself into an uncle full of facial hair fooling Andy. MC Mong had in advance colluded with the “Change” hosts, informing Andy that Lee Hyo Ri was a MC of a yoga program on cable television and had invited him as a guest.

MC Mong then appeared on the show as a animal yoga instructor and started recording the scene with a hidden camera. Leee Hyo Ri and MC Mong started teaching the yoga moves to Andy and requested him to do some weird ridiculous moves like, grasshopper pose, barking like a dog, making frog and crow sounds, etc. An unsuspecting Andy did all the poses and sounds that MC Mong and Hyo Ri requested without knowing that this was a ruse.

MC Mong’s change and Andy’s yoga prank will be shown this Sunday on SBS.

7 thoughts on “Andy gets pranked on Change again

  1. Can someone be that gullible? “Barking like a dog”? What kind of yoga move is that?? LOL

    Sure it’s not scripted?

  2.’s seem interesting program..anyone will be uploader for this show…subbed of course?

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