Kim Jung Eun makes cameo appearance in On Air

Kim Jung Eun is the latest star to appear on popular SBS drama, “On Air”. She had met her present boyfriend Lee Seo Jin on the set of “Lovers” which was directed by Shin Woo Chul and written by Kim Eun Suk. With them helming “On Air” together, Kim Jung Eun was invited by them to make a cameo appearance.

Kim Jung Eun looking radiant

Kim Jung Eun cameo appearance was filmed on 23rd April afternoon at SBS Ilsan production center. The scene shows Kim Jung Eun with a surprised expression after receiving a present from Jang Ki Joon (Lee Bum Soo). To tie-in with Lee Seo Jin’s cameo earlier, he actually offered Kim Jung Eun and Lee Seo Jin a couple package to join his management agency. Talk about being current! Props must be given to screenwriter Kim Eun Suk for this ingenious idea.

Jang Ki Joon makes an offer to Kim Jung Eun

Kim Jung Eun receiving the gift

Kim Jung Eun cameo appearance will be shown in episode 16.

4 thoughts on “Kim Jung Eun makes cameo appearance in On Air

  1. i’m only up to episode 5 but am excited to see her! last i watched her in lovers in paris which aired on the filipino channel. she kinda lost weight…and has big eyes.

    thanks for posting this!

  2. I love Kim Jung Eun. She is gorgeous and a good actress. How I wish that both Kim Jung Eun and Lee Seo Jin will get married this year. They are lovely couple… Best wishes to both of them!

  3. I like kim Jung Eun so much…and i love her because of her personality, i like the most her acting and for she the most beautiful women in korea…

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