Go Soo, Kim Jong Kook, Jo Sung Mo returning from military service

Some talented top stars will be ending their military service soon and make their return to the entertainment industry. Their anticipated comebacks will naturally be hotly discussed among their legions of fans waiting patiently for their return.

Go Soo returns from military service

Actor Go Soo had started his military service in March 2006 and actually completed his two years service earlier today with fans welcoming him back. Go Soo has good looks coupled with good acting skills. He had risen to fame thanks to his performance in tv drama “Piano” in 2000. His first assignment will be a stage play, “The Return of President Eom” which will mark his comeback.

Kim Jong Kook has been missed

Singer Kim Jong Kook who had swept all music charts and award shows in 2005 will be completing his military service on 29th May 2008. Kim Jong Kook entered the army on 30th March 2006 and had been working for the past two years as a civil servant in a welfare division. According to sources, Kim Jong Kook will not head straight for the recording studios after his release. He will instead take a break first. It’s estimated that his new album will be released in Autumn 2008 and fans have no choice but to wait just a while longer to hear his new songs.

As for Jo Sung Mo who entered on the same day as Kim Jong Kook, he will also be completing his service in May. But his future plans are shrouded in mystery with his management company not revealing anything to the media thus far.

20 thoughts on “Go Soo, Kim Jong Kook, Jo Sung Mo returning from military service

  1. i’m SOO glad that Kim Jong Kook is coming out of service.

    It’s his birthday today (25 april) and i want to wish him a wonderful day today with all his close persons next to him.

    I really like his guy. His one of a kind. Hope that when he comes out of army, even though he’s not recording anything, he gets to be in variety shows. Wanna see his face again and hear him sing πŸ™‚

  2. Glad to have all these celebs back.

    Of course I’m especially looking forward to Kim Jong Kook’s return. I’ve waited over 2 years for this so of course I’m excited! lol.

    Ah yes…

    Happy Birthday to Kim Jong Kook!

  3. ooh! i’m excited for kim jong kook! after he takes a rest I hope he can do a project with yun eun hye! that project would be the talk of the town! thanks for reporting this coolsmurf!

    @poochy – correct me if i’m wrong but basically it’s part of korean-born males’ civic duty to serve a mandatory military service for two years.

    some of the shinhwa boys are next ::cries&whines::

  4. HAN NAMJA is coming back!!!! hopefully he would guest on some shows..even radio shows like his friend CTH’s program!!! (will coffee beans be spilled? hehe..)

    i’m one of the people who became his fan after he already entered MS. we got to know of him mainly thru coolsmurf’s subbed XMAN videos =) so thanks coolsmurf!

  5. KJK si coming back in one month!!! so excited for his return πŸ™‚

    thanks coolsmurf! if not for u, i wouldn’t have discovered KJK’s charms and talent πŸ™‚

    and belated happy birthday Han Namja!

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  7. im very happy that kim joong kook will released soon hope you have the pic. of kim jong kook and yhe after this…tnks

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