The 44th Baeksang Arts Award Results

The 44th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards was held this evening at the Seoul National Theater and it was a star-studded event. There was some shock winners among the usual suspects. Stars At 44th Baeksang Art Awards.

Film Section (List of Winners)

Daesang: The Chaser

Best Film: Forever The Moment

Best Director: Lee Chang Dong (Secret Sunshine)

Best New Director: Na Hong Jin (The Chaser)

Best Leading Actor: Im Chang Jung (Scout)

Best Leading Actress: Kim Min Hee (Hell Cats)

Kim Min Hee

Best New Actor: Jang Geun Suk (The Happy Life)

Jang Geun Suk

Best New Actress: Han Ye Seul (Miss Gold Digger)

Han Ye Seul

Best Screenplay: Kim Hyun Seok (Scout)

Popularity Award: Kwon Sang Woo, Kim Jung Eun

Kwon Sang Woo, Kim Jung Eun


Television Section (List of Winners)

Daesang: Kang Ho Dong

Kang Ho Dong

Best TV Drama: War of Money

Best Producer: Lee Byeong Hun (Yi San)

Best New Producer: Lee Yoon Jung (Coffee Prince)

Lee Yoon Jung

Best Leading Actor: Park Shin Yang (War Of Money)

Park Shin Yang

Best Leading Actress: Yoon Eun Hye (Coffee Prince)

Yoon Eun Hye

Best New Actor: Song Chang Ui (Golden Bride)

Best New Actress: Lee Ji Ah (Legend)

Lee Ji Ah

Best Screenplay: Thank You

Best Variety Show: Infinity Challenge

Best Male in Variety Show: Park Myung Soo (Happy Together: Season 3)

Park Myung Soo

Best Female in Variety Show: Shin Bong Sun (Happy Together: Season 3)

Shin Bong Sun

Popularity Award: Kang Ji Hwan, Sung Yuri

Kang Ji Hwan, Sung Yuri


35 thoughts on “The 44th Baeksang Arts Award Results

  1. I actually saw Han Ye Seul in Miss Gold Digger just some days ago, and I was positively surprised by her acting, as well as the story which seems a little more daring, or should I say unconventional, than the usual comedies from Korea.

    Good Yun Eun-hye won that price.

    Never heard of War of Money, and not seen much of Infinity Challenge 😦

  2. hmm.. how come han ye seul receive an award for Best new actress?
    – I mean.. she is not new in the acting business.. ?

    oh.. and park myung soo receiving an award? – wow… it must really be a lucky and happy year for him (getting married and now an award ^^)

    and congratulations to all winner and the nominees(even thoug one don’t’s good to be nominated ^^)

  3. “Best New Actress: Han Ye Seul (Miss Gold Digger)”

    New Actress??? okay then…

    Yoon Eun Hye was wearing such a pretty blue dress^^

    and i am so happy for Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yuri for their popularity award, they deserved!!

  4. wow, you’re so quick!
    u have been glued to your tv eh? XD
    lim chang jung? wth! i prefer byun hee bong, the gramps on the game,
    kim min hee, good good, love her act in the movie

    of all winner, i think park shin yang truly deserve his award!
    while han ye sul.. ckckck, the movie is poorly executed, and so does her act,
    well i cant say anything, the other best new actress nominee isnt any good either,
    so.. congrats?
    she’s so pretty in the pink blush dress btw, now i understand why the koreans so gogo gaga over this her

    kang ho dong looks really happy ^^, congrats to him too!

  5. all three main actor/actress in hong gil dong got an award..hehe..they deserve it!!!i really want kang ji hwan and sung yuri to win and they sung yuri looks sooooo pretty..:D
    congratz to all the winners..
    kang ho dong seem so happy that he

  6. kinda weird for me to say this but dont u guys think Yoo Jae Suk is so adorable when he smiles? haha~ he’s like a little kid! i hope u gets married soon and start his own family like kang ho dong and park myung soo… best MC’s ever! ❤

  7. i think han yeseul got new artist because it’s movie category. it’s her first movie right?

  8. Jang Geun Suk , Kang Ji Hwan, Sung Yuri , three main actors in Hong Gil Dong , they all have award *jump* *jump*

    and Ho Dong , I love him so much

    chuka every one !!!! ^o^~

  9. aww. congrats to yun eun hye! she definitely deserved the award.

    and i love shin bong sun in happy together! she’s so hilarious! especially when dbsk was on just recently.

  10. I am sooo glad they all won!
    Specially Yoon Eun Hye (i love her style) and Kang Ho Dong (he is so freaking funny!).
    Thanks a lot for sharing this!

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  12. My friends and I here in Philippines are so happy that our very favorite and very beautiful Han Ye Seul won Best New Actress!!! Well there’s no doubt for that. Han Ye Seul deserves it. She acts excellent in any given character. I hope She can read this message just to somehow let her know that many people admire her in or outside Korea. More power to you Miss Leslie Kim!!! Saranghe…

  13. i just love kang ji hwan!!!! he was superb in hong gil dong! he deserved that award. =)
    as well as eun hye and sung yuri. =)

  14. Wow!!!!!! Congrats to lee jiah….

    You rocks!!!! Hoping that sometime(soon) you visits
    the philippines. You have many fans here.

    Good Luck on your carrer.

  15. Greetings to everyone…
    I am an avid fan of Ms. Lee Ji-Ah and Bae Yong Joon

    The first time we saw Ms. Lee Ji-Ah on screen, we are amazed of her charm and beauty. She looks like a goddess of beauty and we believe that she is a promising actress and brave, Ms. Lee Ji-Ah touches the very core of our heart… The way she looks and the character she impose in the said program is awesome. A pretty warrior with a good heart and aim to see the world at peace. Me and my friends love the character she had… A lady with beauty and have a big heart in love with the king, who never loses hope still love truly and always seek the good of others and ofcourse the one she love… Fantastic!!
    She made a great performance and no doubt about it.
    We are glad to know that she won Awards and even got the Best Couple Award with Bae Yong Joon… they really look good together, We hope to know them dating in real life, We love to see Ms. Lee Ji-Ah and Bae Yong Joon in the future and if given the chance to go abroad , we will go to Korea First and be looking forward to see them. It will be an honor and privilege to know them personally but in the mean time we will always be here to support them and will always give the biggest appreciation from the bottom of our heart. More Powers and blessings to Ms. Lee Ji-Ah and Bae Yong Joon we love the two of you!! take care… We Filipinos love you!!

  16. i just hope that there’ll be coffee prince pt II wit the same GY n YEH cos i luv them n they really click. How i wish 2 of them r couple in real life(cross my finger) hehe .. or they make another movie together again….. plz plz….

  17. i’m the real fans of yoon eun hye n i cant wait to see her next movie if true that she will be doing FULL HOUSE , i hope that she got the role n of course the leading actor will be GONG YOO (hoo how i wish 2 of them together again)….
    when i saw coffee prince i really fall in luv wit the movie n i even watch this movie many many times n i dont feel bored cos YEH n GY are really compatibles with each other…..

  18. Tae Wang Si Shin Gi rocks~!
    Lee Ji Ah did really well~!
    She’s great((:

    I’m a great fan Bae Yong Joon and Lee Ji Ah((;

  19. lee jiah is really the best. rarely do i admire a foreign actress. but, shes definitely an execptional one. with her looks, natural talent in acting plus a smart credentials (an art degree holder from the US) wow!!! she ‘s very admirable. Shes one korwan talent worth watching. Her charisma to the viewers is really addicting. Im so smitten with the beauty and talent of this lady. hope lja will get more project not just on TV but on fil as well… attention: MBC…

  20. I’m really happy for JANG GEUN SUK. I like him because he is the best actor of korea. THE BEST NEW ACTOR. He has the best sound ,he play well and he is so handsome . I hope that he got the best of best role in his life. JANG GEUN SUK shi FIGHTING.

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