Kim Ha Neul convinces viewers with her crying

“On Air” recorded a new high last night with a 22.9% rating. The scene where Kim Ha Neul cried her heart out playing a 25 year old woman whose mental age is only seven was so convincing that it had viewers drooling over her acting.

Kim Ha Neul crying her heart out

Kim Ha Neul who plays top star, Oh Seung Ah in “On Air” has always been criticised by the outside world for her acting skills. To dispel the rumours in episode 14, her manager Jang Ki Joon (Lee Bum Soo) tames her and got her to get close to people with disabilities, hoping that from that, she can understand the feelings of a 7 year old kid. Finally, while filming the scene where her character, Eun Suk is left feeling lonely and helpless after everyone leaves her, including the housemaid, she starts crying her heart out.

Kim Ha Neul’s performance left the director and her manager speechless and also delighted with her excellent performance in the crying scene. Television viewers started flocking to SBS message boards to leave messages generously praising her acting and saying no one else could have done it better than her. One commented, “Her crying really pained us as well.”

Shin Dong Wook was the latest star to appear in “On Air” as he played a neurosurgeon who has a crush on Cherry’s character in “Ticket to the Moon”.

Shin Dong Wook

The pacing of “On Air” which has been extended by three episodes has been very frentic thus far and has attracted many viewers to tune in to their tv sets every Wednesday and Thursday nights. With “On Air” doing better and better in the ratings with each episode, the performance of the other two dramas in the same timeslot has been just abysmal. KBS “Three Dads One Mom” got just 7.3% while MBC “Who Are You” achieved only 6.5%, a new low for them.

5 thoughts on “Kim Ha Neul convinces viewers with her crying

  1. Where can I watch the episode yesterday? I`m interested to see it. That is really her role in this drama?

  2. I can’t get tired of “On Air”, love it so much, but at the same time i feel so bad about “Who Are You?” because it’s awesome as well, great acting all over the place and great script and still they getting such low ratings:-(

  3. which episode is this on?

    and cooolsmurff. you truely are coool, giving everyone the most recent updates on korean newwss.

    you the core yo ~

  4. @jastinel, you can watch it unsubbed on youtube

    @Lenrasoon, there can unfortunately be only one winner in the same timeslot.

    @ iLOVEcoolsmurf, it’s towards the end of episode 14.

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