Lee Jun Ki does Sweeny Todd impersonation

Korean actor Lee Jun Ki has always been looking for a breakthrough in acting. Recently, he took on a photoshoot assignment for a magazine and transformed himself into characters from Hollywood movies like, “Sweeney Todd”, “American Psycho”, “Velvet Goldmine”, “Gangs of New York”, etc.

Lee Jun Ki transforms into movie characters

Among the many movie character transformations, his most impressive impersonation must be that of “Sweeny Todd” with his bleached white hair and having a scissors in his hands. In the magazine interview, he mentioned that his goal was to be someone like Stephen Chow and Jackie Chan. He said he admires them for sticking and growing according to their own strengths.

8 thoughts on “Lee Jun Ki does Sweeny Todd impersonation

  1. okay.. this is really scary..
    Jun ki looks like some psycho in the first picture… yet.. I find the picture really nice/good.
    and he looks ^^

  2. woow i love sweeney todd

    i think lee junki looks good as sweeney todd
    i like the last pic where we can see his sweeney hair. ❤

  3. wow. hot photoshoot. he looks good.
    i thought i was looking at kim kibum in that top, second picture.
    although smoking is not hot, LJK looks hot smoking in that one picture. he kind of looks like ryeowook too. it’s the eyes.

    thank you for posting!

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