Alex and Shin Ae couple continues to intrigue viewers

From it’s debut episode until now, MBC Sunday Sunday Night, “We Got Married” reality show has invoked many discussions among viewers and netizens.

Alex and Shin Ae polaroid

In Episode 6 shown on 20th April, the mission was to create a meal box that symbolised love. Among the four make-believe newly-weds, the model romantic couple of Alex and Shin Ae who are widely loved by many female viewers decided on a sandwiches picnic as they set off to view cherry blossoms.

Viewers were intrigued to see Alex and Shin Ae preparing the sandwiches together and then singing along to the music being played, expressing their affections for each other. The lyrics that Alex sang included one line that said, “I just wanna kiss you.” After which, they took a slow leisurely walk along a street lined with cherry blossoms, playing around with each other mischieviously, taking pictures, showing how lovey-dovey they were.

Shin Ae and Alex viewing cherry blossoms

There were news earlier that Alex and Shin Ae would be leaving the show because of the need to record his solo album. The production expressed that no decision has been made yet, leaving the media and viewers guessing.

Romance might not be your cup of tea and they might seem boring to most looking for laughter. But ultimately, it’s every woman’s fantasy or dream to find a guy like Alex and Alex and Shin Ae makes that come true on screen. I really hate it when people labels them boring every now and then.

27 thoughts on “Alex and Shin Ae couple continues to intrigue viewers

  1. i dont think they’re boring, it’s just that they’re too good to be true.hahahaha.
    whereas, seo in young and crown j are the most ‘real’ couple there, because many people can relate to them.

    it’d be soooooo nice if my bf can act like alex and treat me like alex treats shin ae.huhuhu.too bad he doesnt.

    from the first time i watched this show, alex and shin ae is my number 1 choice. they’re just like a dream come true.
    a fairytale.

    but every now and then, when you watch seo in young and crown j, you could really see that they sort of “like” each other, even though they quarrel everyy dayyyyy..
    they start to show that they can be lovey-dovey too.

    and for andy-solbi, i think they’re cute, too adorable!
    but it’s not my fave, i would want to have a bf like alex or crown j.

    i like alex because he is such a gentleman..i’ve never seen one that really be a man and treat his woman as a queen.
    i like crown j because he is a straight-forward type of person and he’s not romantic, so when he does something romantic, you could be in tears. it would be like out of the blue. (alex always being romantic, so there’s no surprise when he does something ‘romantic’)

    thank youu alvin for keeping us (me, hahaha) updated!


  2. I agree with miumiu.

    For Crown J and Seo In Young, I guess it’s perhaps both parties find hard to express their affections for each other, given their self-centred characters.

    I relate to Shin Ae’s hurt since I have experienced before. Alex is like the dream man any woman will like to have, he’s almost perfect.

  3. I’m totally in love with We Got Married. At first, I really liked Alex, but then you sort of realize that he’s too perfect; it’s like he just walked out of a melodrama or something. I can’t imagine that there are any guys that are actually like him in day-to-day life. Andy, too me, is great. He’s funny, cute and not too sweet like Alex. It seems like that it would be more fun with Andy. And Crown J is just too funny. Too me, he’s more like the best guy friend that every girl would want.

  4. So, it’s not confirmed whether Alex&Shin-ae couple is leaving?
    I hope they wont leave…
    without them the show wont be complete…
    might also change the other 3 couple to make it fair..hahahha

  5. noooo
    shinae and alex are my fave pairingggggggg
    after that wouyld be crown j and SIY
    and then andy and solbi
    then dondon saori
    hey Alvin do sub crown j and SIY ones pleaseeeee
    they’re hilarious!!

  6. As I am an utter sucker for romance (cheezy ones included) I hope Alex-Shin Ae will not be leaving the show! I don’t care if people think they’re too much, fake, or whatever but they are just so adorable, they’re showing the genuine feelings of falling in love.

  7. You know, there’s always that myth that girls go after badboys and leave the nice guys standing there. What happens on this post? 3 out of the first 4 comments talk about how Alex is “too perfect” and how Crown J (the closest to a bad boy, even though he isn’t) is a great guy! Nice guys just can’t win.

    As for me, a guy, I like this show because I’ve always had a thing for Shin Ae and this show has done nothing to stop that. I like the Alex and Shin Ae couple and I find the Andy Solbi couple hilarious. Crown J and In Young are entertaining but more in the trainwreck type of entertainment than them being a good couple.

    If Alex does leave for this recording work, I hope they take Shin Ae off as well. Having her paired up with someone else temporarily would really kill the mood those two have built so well together. Just get an entirely new couple.

  8. i think that many people label them as boring becuase i think it really takes a person who’s a lot older to understand that kind of deep love. i mean, a lot of the people who are watching the show (overseas) tend to be younger, thus they’ll relate less to alex/shinae couple. to me though, i love them. they’re my favorite couple. maybe it’s because i’m getting old and i just really want a perfect guy like alex to marry.

  9. I personally am in love with the “relationship” that ShinAe and Alex has on the show right now.Like someone said,their side of the story on the show was very awkward and different from everyone else’s from Day One.Where the other couples were the usual “newly-married AFTER being in a relationship” from the get go,showing familiarity,”skinship” and so on from the very beginning..they were different in the sense that they were like the couple who got married after being matchmade,and then they begin to learn about each other,and in the process of doing so,slowly but surely are falling for each other.The progress in their “relationship” is there but it happens very gradually and gently.Not everybody in this world is lucky enough to fall in love at first sight and so on,and for some most people falling in love happens even without they realizing it,you get to know a person day by day and suddenly you’re like “i’m in love”,and so for me this couple depicts this kind of love story.

    It’s funny how everyone thinks Alex is perfect,which maybe at a first glance/impression he kinda does,but what people dont realize is how ShinAe herself stereotyped him as the charmer/player kind at the beginning,and thus wasnt really convinced.But after spending time together,she realized that he’s really just a nice guy who knows what to do and say at the right time,a good guy.And then she opens up to him,and the beauty of that is we get to see how the so-called “perfect Alex” became more and more “humane”,and the more they are together Alex himself looked like he didn’t mind looking “foolish” and “normal” in front of her.In the beginning it was him who was trying to “heal” her pain and “break the wall” that she had built up around her,and we could see how ShinAe continues to bloom more and more beautifully as the show progresses,but somewhere in the middle it’s actually ShinAe who changed Alex,..after watching ep.6 I really thought that Alex isn’t so much about being smooth and slick in front of her anymore..he actually was acting really dorky(I mean,that silly smile after he managed to smell her hair secretly?If he was the perfect guy he totally would’ve let her realized what he was doing,just to fluster her) and when she put the flower on his hair and teasing him,he was just grinning like an idiot..not so much like a typical player trying to maintain a smooth front to a woman all the time.He wasnt cunning or calculating or planning,but simply reacting.

    Another thing I found funny is that people keep on saying that everything he does is over the top,when sometimes for some of the things that happened ..he didn’t even planned i tat way.When he serenaded her with Ai Chorom,it was because ShinAe was the one who requested him to do so,and it was her who asked for that particular song.When he wrote on the glass window,he barely had one second to even consider the move,he just did it and if ShinAe didn’t respond the way she did (writing back to him) probably wouldnt have looked as romantic looking(or movie-like,as a lot of people were saying).The same thing when he sang to her again while making the kimchi,she was the one who asked him to do so.And if ShinAe didnt hurt her foot and wore a cast at the recording in the studio,he probably wont even think abt giving her a foot massage,but as it happens the situation surrounding them allowed for it to happen.I guess like kamee said,maybe a slightly older crowd of viewers would enjoy watching this particular couple and how their relationship grow,understand the possibility of such kind of love and gestures happening in real life.

    Gosh,sorry for the long post..but I just thought I should share what I think on this lovely duo.I just thought it’s unfair that some people just dismissed this couple for reasons such as they’re too cheesy and unrealistic,because there ARE couples like this in real life,and I definitely dont agree with the point that they’re the “perfect” couple on the show because they really are not.If they were,she wouldn’t have kicked his butt so majorly at boxing,and he would’ve no trouble beating her at armwrestling..lols.

    And Alvinit’s cool that you like this couple too!

  10. I love this couple the most,
    Andy and Solbi are cute, but I love Alex & Sin ae better, This is what a grown person date.
    Alex, he is either a very good romantic man or a good player. I wish they really become a couple after the show or someone will have a huge hole in the heart. ( Shin Ae )

  11. I hope they don’t leave. I love watching this couple. All of the couples bring something different to the table that makes the show fun to watch.

  12. mickynikki, I don’t mind your long post, I rather enjoyed reading it as I was nodding in agreement to it.

    I, too, can’t stand the negative comments on the duo but always keep in mind that everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion so I just ignore them. I honestly don’t think they’re “perfect” but just like mickynikki has stated that they just work. Like I’ve stated many times before, they make my Sundays better.

    It really does seem like in the process of Alex trying to heal Shin Ae’s hurt, she’s also changed him as well. He did state that in one interview, didn’t he?

    Awww, I’m in love with this couple. After watching this show, I’ve come to like and love Shin Ae. She’s cute and mischeivious and I can see why Alex would fall for her.

    I do really hope that they’ll stay on the show, even though some people want them to leave. I enjoy watching their “love story” blossom and I’m glad I’m not the only one.

    Thanks, Alvin!

  13. I definitely agree with your about Alex and Shin Ae. While the other couples are entertaining. What draws me back every week is Alex and Shin Ae. 🙂 I hope the network talked them out of leaving. hehe

  14. Thanks Jess,for reading my long post.:) I am also in the same opinion as you whenever I came across negative comments about this beautiful pair.

    Yeah,it’s what you said..they’re not exactly perfect but together they just WORK.I don’t know why but watching them gives me this warm feeling,and their segments always make me smile.And for me the best thing about watching this pair isn’t the fact that they are “romantic”,but seeing the way they have changed.While watching ep.6..when they were just strolling and talking together,looking like two people who genuinely enjoy being in each other’s company..I can’t quite believe they were the same two strangers who were walking down the road talking exchanging informantion about their blood types in episode 1.

    If indeed they are on their way out of the show,I hope they will continue what they’ve found between them on the show in real life..who knows what could happen.I agree Jess,ShinAe is a beautiful,strong and quirky girl..sweet yet unpredictable and I could see that Alex enjoyed the experience of discovering her persona,layer by layer..can’t blame the guy if he really is falling for her.

    Haha,I really can say a lot when it comes to this couple.

  15. I agree with you all especially mickynikki you explained almost all I feel.
    Thank GOD I think I am the only one DEPRESS when someone said they are boring.
    I think what Alex did is not greasy.I think it’s the normal thing that guys should do to his girlfriend or wife,if he really loves her.Talk nice to her,treat her right!!! What’s wrong to do good things to the one you love? Just curious.
    And Shin ae I used to see her before in XMAN.She was a fun and wise girl but she changed.At first in We Got Married, she was in sorrow.It’s good to see her funnier and happier in the few past episodes.And I think it’s because of Alex!!!
    I really enjoy to see them together again and again..:)

  16. eventhough i’m still under age…hehe…but l really love this couple!!!some of them maybe said that they were boring but i don’t care….true love maybe???heheh…
    but they are sooo sweetttt….

  17. Mickynikki, love your mature and insightful comments of the Alex-Shinae couple.
    Thanks to coolsmurf, we now have an alternative thread to voice our support for this much-maligned couple as well as to post some constructive ideas about them.
    While i’m all for the freedom of speech still, it won’t hurt to exercise some kind of decorum when commenting about other people, celebrities or otherwise.
    What i love most about this show is the dark room confessions. I love how Alex is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve where his feelings for Shinae are concerned.
    I also love his transformation from a cool and suave ‘lady-killer’ into a hopeless romantic who is easily wound round Shinae’s little finger without so much of a whimper. Even a scripted drama series could not have done any better. LOL!

  18. Alex and Shin Ae was from the beginning my favorite, although I’m no fan of Alex or her since before. But lately I might favor Andy and Solbi a tiny more. At least it feels like she is the one not holding back as much as Andy, or Alex and Shin Ae.

    I haven’t really seen much of the other couples at all. But from what I gather there is more conflicts there, and maybe sometimes funny… The episode I was of Crown J and In Young wasn’t too funny. I don’t really like how they behave. I don’t think there is any love there.

  19. coolsmurf : bet you didn’t know all of Alex-Shin Ae supporters would come out of the woodworks and show their support here lol. I’m so glad you like this couple as well. They do remind us of our JYC couple, don’t they? hehehe

    mickynikki : I wholeheartedly agree with your post. I really enjoy reading them. And like you I don’t think Alex is over the top at all. He is just being a gentleman and I think that’s natural for him. I find it very refreshing to see someone like him in a Korean variety show.

    gyopolife : hahahaha… well all I can say is bad boys sure are intriguing…BUT when it comes to marriage nice guys finish first. Trust me on this. I’m one such person…I remember being attracted to bad boys..but who did I marry? A genuinely sweet, caring and nice guy (definitely closer to Alex than Crown J).

    Now adding my insights to Alex-Shin Ae couple…

    The word often used to describe them is ‘perfect’ — I personally don’t think they are a perfect couple. The word perfect just sounds like this out-of-the-world, unbelievable thing that nobody can attend. Yet in reality there are couples like Alex and Shin Ae.

    Another word I often see used to describe them is ‘boring’ – If boring means treating each other with respect and having a mature relationship then let them be ‘boring’. I’ll continue watching this so called boring couple.

    I have enjoyed watching every single Alex-Shin Ae moments. I have to admit they give me butterflies in my stomach. It is a treat for me to see the two slowly opening up to one another. I hope this couple stays for a while.

    I’m glad to find many supporters of Alex-Shin Ae here.

  20. wow! I agree w/ every word mickynikki said about alex/shin ae..Couldn’t have said it better!!

  21. I’m so sad that they’re not on the show anymore T____T. Alex-ShinAe is my fave couple! Whenever I watch them together in the show, I have this uberlyyyyy BIG smile on my face. Yeah, my bro even said that I’m crazy! roflmao! I just can’t help it! I can feel the love that’s starting to grow between them. Oh how I wish they’ll become a REAL couple *wishful thinking*. I can sense love in the air whenever I watch this couple. It just seems so real to me that I sometimes forget that it’s just a show :X…I really hope and pray that they’ll come back on the show soon >.<

  22. they’re the only couple i love the most in “We Got Married”. I scan through the episode to see their clips. I stopped at episode 8 once Alex left and rewatch their clips til their reunion episode is air. ^^..I dont consider them as boring couple for they protray the dreams women desire (a happily ever after–gosh disney gotta stop those princesses and princes story because now i want a prince to give me a happily ever after)

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