“On Air” has solidified the relationships

“On Air” continues to set a blistering pace in the tv ratings. According to the latest statistics from TNS Media, Episode 13 saw it become the No.1 rated drama in it’s timeslot with 22.2%. It was higher than Episode 12 rating of 21.1%. Although it dropped a little from 22.8% rating on 3rd April, signs show that the ratings are likely to go higher. The continued good ratings have go to show that “On Air” has cemented a place in viewer’s hearts.

The scene where Ki Joon kind of showed his true feelings telling Seung Ah to go find another management company because he wasn’t good enough for her. But Seung Ah broke down as Ki Joon looked at her helplessly. The scene spelt out clearly the relationship between them. Ki Joon wanting Seung Ah to be the best while the latter treats him as a shield to the outside world.

Seung Ah bought to tears by Ki Joon

Bonding session of pinic and BBQ party to increase the relationship between the staff involved. Ki Joon sings a touching song to everyone as he received applause. The lyrics hinting something else, probably he was singing to Seung Ah? He sings quite well. They later have a truth or dare game as everyone else posed sensitive questions related to each love’s interest which no one answered as they just drank and drank.

Jang Ki Joon belting out a love ballad for?

It was interesting to see the amount of effort put in to film the drama’s opening. Eye-opener to see how it all came together. Imagine having to fit in all the equipment to accomodate filming “Ticket to the Moon” and “On Air” in one scene, how amazing! And at thi stage, there’s still no redundant scenes!

Ticket To The Moon Opening

After X number of arguments in the earlier part, Young Eun ends up walking along the mock train track, admiring the cherry blossoms under the moonlight. That is until a light falls at her feet. Turning around, she sees Kyung Min behind her shining the flashlight. He suggests that they should see the cherry blossoms together and Young Eun agrees. And all is forgiven.

Kyung Min and Young Eun cherry blossom date

The soccer scene was really fun and although it felt short in Episode 12, they show an extended version during the rolling credits at the end of Episode 13. It was just pure fun to watch them playing around.

Ki Joon team

Park Yong Ha had a bruised ankle after a challenge during the match. Although he was seen on crutches by fans, it’s understood to be no big issue.

Kyung Min team

Episode 13 further solidifies the relationships between the four main leads and this is one big reason why viewers were hooked on it. The episode sees them in Taiwan yet again to film overseas scenes which was another selling point.

After learning about Kyung Min’s first filming scene getting messed up, Young Eun is livid and cheers him up by bringing him food from her mother’s restaurant. She looks lovingly at him whilst he’s tucking into the food. Later on, she goes one step further as she brings him a director’s chair with his name emblazoned on it as he looks immensely delighted.

Scene that solidifies Kyung Min-Young Eun relationship

Other notable scenes include Oh Seung Ah continued annoyance with Cherry, Lee Kyung Min displeasure with Seung Ah’s less than ideal acting skills which contributed to the drama twists and turns.

The final scene where Jang Ki Joon (Lee Bum Soo) grabs Seung Ah’s hand and leaves the filming area to avoid Director Lee Kyung Min’s poor acting rant at her sees them at a face-off as viewers are excited to know what happens next.

Face-off between Ki Joon and Kyung Min

You could also argue that Episode 13 might have solidified the one-sided relationships which coincides with the drama’s theme song, “One Word”. Seung Ah likes Ki Joon and Young Eun likes Kyung Min. The only thing vague now is who the two guys exactly like. Maybe there are more twists planned.

With ratings increasing, “On Air” production team and SBS has confirmed the drama extension. A SBS representative said on 18th April, “If there are no further incidents, “On Air” will definitely get a 3 episodes increase. The final episode would be episode 23 on 22nd May”. (yikes my birthday!)

5 thoughts on ““On Air” has solidified the relationships

  1. Ahh! I don’t want to read this post cause I’m not on episode 13 yet; I just want to know who’s ending up with who… Will someone (Alvin?) PLEASE just tell me that on this comment section?!

  2. Does anyone know the name of the song Lee Bum Soo’s character Ki Joon sings? It’s at the bonding BBQ at night. Thanks!!

  3. @SGLove, Seung Ah likes Ki Joon and Young Eun likes Kyung Min. The only thing vague now is who the two guys exactly like. Maybe there are more twists planned.

    @Nancy, its called 취중진담 (chwee jung jin dang) by Kim Dong Ryul.

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