Kimura Takuya stuns with his cauliflower hairstyle

Kimura Takuya new “cauliflower” hairstyle for his new drama “Change” has been revealed. Together with his glasses, his new image has led to fans mistaking him for DJ Ozma. Although many critics has voiced reservations about his new image, Kimura has said, “I will definitely make them eat their words!”

“TV Japan” magazine published Kimura Takuya’s new cauliflower hairstyle in the drama for the first time and coupled with his glasses, it was a far cry from his dashing image in his old dramas. He laughed it off, “Although the drama is called “Change”, it’s more like a challenge to me instead. I will definitely make people see me in a different light.” Will his new hairdo spark off another copycat syndrome all over the nation? Highly unlikely.

13 thoughts on “Kimura Takuya stuns with his cauliflower hairstyle

  1. I’m not a Kimura Takuya fan, but i love to watch this guy acting and i know that he is going to make people who talk ‘thash’ about him eat their words, and i can’t wait to see that^^

    Off topic: Hey Alvin, i really love when you write about “On Air”, this is my favorite show this season (along with “Who are you?” did you watched?).

  2. i also shocked when seeing the mag scan on baidu, lol
    i was like is this takukimu’s mom?
    he looks like an auntie,
    still cute tho’
    if i wasnt mistaken the haircut is for temporary only, he will go back to straight hairstyle (or, slick) after the chara became politician

  3. hahahah. yeah, the first 2 pics look like both a man and a woman.

    gosh if kimura always looked like this it would really be such a shock factor after he gets a makeover!

  4. nah…its just temporary n on purpose, halfway thru d drama, d style changed. plus, he’s the epitome of cool hairdos and everything that is cool. remember, japanese men like to copy his styles- be it his hairdo,jobs that he portrayed in his dramas, fashion sense, etc. so it wudnt b a surprise if d jap. guys start to copy his do. he got a round, permed haircut in ‘Beautiful Life’ and already many men were reported going to the salon and copied his bob.
    so dont make it a big deal.

  5. He looks like the American doll called: Raggdy Dan and his partner Raggdy Ann…. very popular dolls in U.S.A. If you don’t believe me, look it up and you will agree. I watched the first episode in Koya way up Mt. Koya and I was very disappointed but hopefully, I will enjoy it as I have always enjoyed all of his dramas and movies.

  6. this is why i love him he really is cool. good that Change made it over Gokusen. Kimura continues to rock and i am so in love with him!!

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