Jewelry films Everyone Shh! MV with many star cameos

On the afternoon of 21st April, Jewelry who created a “ET dance” craze with their hit single “One More Time” from their 5th album filmed the MV for their next single, “Everyone Shh!” in a park located in Dongjak-gu.

Jewelry feat. Crown J

Jewelry feat. Crown J

More pictures posted by dashuu at Soompi forums.

In this MV, singer/rapper Crown J who plays Seo In Young make-believe husband in popular MBC program, “We Got Married”, KAIST cheerleader squad “ELKA” from MNET “Seo In Young KAIST” program and Poppin’ Hyun Joon who invented “ET Dance” version 2 all had cameo appearances.

Jewelry as Cheerleaders

Jewelry will soon start promoting “Everyone Shh!” in May as the follow-up to their “One More Time” hit. Will it be a runaway success as well? We will see…

12 thoughts on “Jewelry films Everyone Shh! MV with many star cameos

  1. The first picture does PJA’s no justice. It looks like she has man legs and is she even that short? Say no to capri pants.

  2. im not a big fan of their next song.. x_X;; but crown j being in the MV, i will look forward to! 🙂 hope it does well!!!

  3. Park Jung Ah’s body looks disproportionate in the first photo.

    The new member [first from left in the 2nd photo] looks as if her hair is fried.

    Sorry for the harsh comments.

    Baby J looks great!

  4. ok i dont really know this band i know Park Jung Ah, but im not a fan. i dont know their names but that one on the end with green dress n cap on..WHAT THE HELL IS SHE WEARIN??
    and im not really a fan of slutty look , i think they need to get decent clothes.

    sorry. 😛

    but i say park jung ah looks the best

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