Chae Dong Ha to leave SG Wannabe officially

Korean group, SG Wannabe will release their 5th album, “My Friend” on 24th April and will start their official comeback on MNet M! Countdown on the same day before appearing on other tv stations music shows. The track “Missing You” will be Chae Dong Ha’s last work as part of SG Wannabe.

Chae Dong Ha will perform as SG Wannabe for the last time

In fact, Chae Dong Ha only participated in the recording for “Missing You” and the Japanese version for this album. The 27th April SBS Inkigayo performance will be his last official performance as a SG Wannabe member.

From 24th to 27th April, SG Wannabe will go about their activities on the various music shows as a 4-member group with Chae Dong Ha departing from 28th onwards. Lee Suk Hoon is the new member recruited to replace him.

With Chae Dong Ha imminent departure and their last performance together, the two original members expressed, “At a time like this, we are working doubly hard for the performances this time. We are making sure that we leave no regrets behind performing with Chae Dong Ha for the last time.”

2 thoughts on “Chae Dong Ha to leave SG Wannabe officially

  1. i miss chae dong ha sg wannabe was never the same after he left and the new guy voice doesnt blend well with the group like its unsynce

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