Shinhwa non-appearance on We Got Married disappoints viewers

Some fans of 6-member idol group, Shinhwa has voiced their disappointment at MBC Sunday Sunday Night, “We Got Married” program.


From the preview last week, we understood that Shinhwa would be appearing. But it was not shown at all this week but put into the preview for next week. Only the telephone conversation between Solbi and Eric was aired.

The preview last week had showed Solbi conversing with Eric on the phone with Andy feeling jealous after that. The next part of the preview sees Solbi appearing at Shinhwa’s 10th Anniversary Concert and had a conversation.

Solbi had requested Andy to make a call to Eric which he did obediently. As Andy was connecting the call to Eric, Solbi was flustered and excited at the same time. In the conversation with Eric, Solbi tried to make Andy jealous by asking about Eric’s ideal type. During the conversation, Solbi made a startling confession to Eric, “I really like Andy oppa!”. The preview for next week sees Solbi getting her mum to help her make some meal boxes which she later takes it to Shinhwa’s 10th Anniversary concert for Shinhwa to eat.

Solbi and Andy

An irate viewer posted immediately on the website after today’s broadcast saying, “They didn’t show what was previewed last week but previewed the same thing for next week! I purposely cancelled my appointments to stay at home to watch yet…”, showing disappointment in “We Got Married”.

Others gave the same view, “Although I like ‘We Got Married’, I naturally felt disappointed that Shinhwa didn’t appear since they were previewed last week. This was too much.” Another viewer wrote, “I purposely postponed my 2D1N vacation just to catch a glimpse of Shinhwa on variety programs for quite a while together. Then they said that they would come out next week instead. They really think that we are fishes trying to hoodwink us to take the bait!”

12 thoughts on “Shinhwa non-appearance on We Got Married disappoints viewers

  1. I was disappointed as well. I waited all week for this epi, but I guess next week will be even better

  2. the thing is, i heart shinhwa so much, but gosh, cancelling an appointment set days and days in advance just for a glimpse of shinhwa on the tv screen when i could pull up the same thing on the computer….i don’t really think it’s worth it. i don’t blame the tv program as much as i blame the viewers for cancelling appts and then complaining about it.

  3. Kamee, maybe u arent shinhwa’s fan, so u dont know their feeling. Shinhwa’s released their 9th album, but they didnt do any promotion for it, that why each minute of them in any Tv program is really precious for fan. Hope u can understand because, I myself, rush to home like crazy just for this show, haha.

  4. Yes it was a BIG disappointment. The worst part of this is the feeling of being cheated. Sure I’m going to wait for another week but you bet I’m not happy with the network’s dirty trick.

    Coolsmurf, hope you’ll sub episode 6 as soon as you could get some spare time.

  5. It’s disappointing, but shows do this all the time. That’s how they get viewers. I actually think some of the complaints are amusing. They obviously feel like chumps for falling for such an old trick, but it’s just pouring fuel on the fire when you tell people that you rescheduled your appointments to watch a show. I mean really, it’s just pathetic. The smart viewers who did the same thing would have kept it to themselves.

  6. me too, really disappointment in them…
    i mean, whether Shinhwa will come on the show or not, i will still watch their show…but since they hav the preview so a lot of ppl hav set their hope and everything up yet MBC did this…

  7. you know what, people who weren’t interested or the neutrals will be even more interested to watch this now since it made the news and this means maybe a ratings spike. MBC planned it all along!!!

  8. I just watched your subbed Andy-Solbi cut, and I was disappointed that Shinhwa did not show either. I was very excited about it, but after watching it, although I enjoyed it, I was a little down that the Shinhwa clip didn’t show. =(

    But interesting theory indeed, Coolsmurf!

  9. i agree with coolsmurf to some extent. although we can never prove that it was intentional, i think we can all agree that MBC only stood to benefit from all the attention, positive or otherwise. bad publicity is still publicity and no matter how overused that trick is, fact is, it still works.

  10. on a more personaly note though, i’m rather disappointed that shinhwa allowed it to happen. was there ever an apology made by the group or MBC after what happened?

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