Hwang Jung Eum appears in Kim Jong Wook stage

Have posted about this wonderful love song in a previous entry.

Former girl group member and now actress, Hwang Jung Eum appeared on the 20th April episode of SBS Inkigayo for Kim Jong Wook’s “Only You” stage.

Although she didn’t sing, her appearance still invoked an interest from viewers. This was afterall her first appearance on a music program since performing as a member of Sugar in 2004. Wearing a wedding gown,  Kim Jong Wook serenaded her and “proposed” to her with a bouquet during the performance. Many who watched this thought that she was very beautiful in her wedding gown even though she didn’t do much other than just looking back at him.

One of the sleeper hits for me in 2008 thus far.

4 thoughts on “Hwang Jung Eum appears in Kim Jong Wook stage

  1. first time hearing about him, but i think he has a good voice. And lucky to be able to sing a song that’s aired on we got married, one of the best rated shows now in Korea. As for jung eum, i liked this girl in Xman and loveletter. Most i saw her in Loveletter where she was really funny. She is beautiful, but she has a nice personality too. She’s not only an image, even though in this clip she just stays on the scene 🙂

  2. I like that song, and his voice is very good with it!

    I hope to see Hwang Jung Eum in some movie, or drama eventually. I thought she was a good actress already in Xman as standiari points out.

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