Similarities between Alex and Shin Ae, Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye pairing

Update: bm05om has got links to music found in the show here. Big thanks!

If you didn’t know, romantic model couple Alex and Shin Ae will be departing MBC “We Got Married” variety show with their last appearance on 27th April. 

Shin Ae and Alex

You can’t deny that the interaction between Alex and Shin Ae are one of the most likely pairings to actually become a real couple off-screen. Starting with relatively awkwardness since they hardly knew each other, learning more about each other through missions, you would have felt that they might really be dating if you had followed their scenes from episode one. They just felt real.

Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Jong Kook

The emergence of Alex and Shin Ae has led to them being compared with another couple that was linked together and widely speculated to be dating on-screen. That famous pairing is Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Jong Kook who had a dating relationship on the famous SBS variety show, “Xman” for almost a year. And they are still romantically linked with each other off-screen through various incidents. But of course, we are only speculating since it’s not official. But everyone thinks they are made for each other anyway. There’s a comparison chart in a Korean article comparing the two pairings and translated by o-cha.

Comparison between Alex-Shin Ae, Kim Jong Kook-Yoon Eun Hye pairing

Alex – Shin Ae
Affiliation: MBC ‘We Got Married’
Goosebumps Index: 99.99 (side effect: whole body tickles)
Unreal Index: 99.999 (Where can you find newly-weds like this in this world?!)
Acts: Taking polaroid pictures, trying to hold hands in every possible way
Love Triangle: The female members of the other couples want Alex
Truth?: “We are like friends. We are like lovers.” (Still broadcasting)

Kim Jong Kook – Yoon Eun Hye
Affiliation: SBS ‘X-Man’
Goosebumps Index: 89.99 (side effect: dry eyeballs)
Unreal Index: 19.999 (It is still possible in love/dating)
Acts: ‘Turbo’ dance, singing songs, using hands to cover ears as a proposal
Love Triangle: Lee Min Ki and Chae Yeon fought hard to compete for them
Truth?: “Just a hoobae relationship, not lovers” (After widespread public opinion of their love. Broadcast has ended)

Now there are conflicting articles saying that Alex and Shin Ae might or might not return after the earlier is done with his album recording. Because if MBC replaces them with someone else, how could Alex and Shin Ae return unless they cut another couple away? The future is unpredictable but all the best to the both of them for making Sundays so romantically enjoyable.

14 thoughts on “Similarities between Alex and Shin Ae, Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye pairing

  1. Thanks for the interesting comparison. :] Regarding what you said at the bottom.. if Hyun Joong is to replace Alex.. then I think it’s possible that Alex and Shin Ae will come back. I know that SS501 are leaving for Japan in June, so Hyun Joong will only be able to be on the show for so long – probably long enough to fill in for Alex. :] That’s just what I think.

  2. the only major difference i see between the couples is the male lead. Alex is not a shy person and has friends among females. Kim jong kook is a known as shy person that always keeps distance between him and the other female persons around him. The only female celebritiesclose to him are Yoon Eun Hye and Park Kyung Lim. I hope that both couple will become a reality( one i already think it did) because they are so sweet together.I want to see both couples together on screen as soon as possible. Though it seems rather hard to see kjk and yeh together again because of her busy program, alex and shin ae might come back to the show. So i hope that for we got married we’re gonna see the comeback of the couple, because for Xman it wasn’t

  3. To be super honest, I really doubt either “couple” is dating; rather I think it’s more because of the show and fans and publicity. However, I still think it’s pretty cute and allows for fans to imagine all kinds of things in the context of the show.

  4. Shin Ae is an actress right?
    I thought she was a model. She gained a bit of weight no? I saw a really LQ picture of them together before and thought she was his mom. LOL

  5. There’s been a void since I finished all the past episodes of Xman. While this show isn’t anything similar to Xman, it does capture my interest and I look forward to each episode. Thanks for the work and updates for this show.

    …now to get each couple to do a round of danghyeonhaji…

  6. it’s nice that Koreans still remember XMAN’s ‘strongest couple’ hehehe
    hmmm.. KJK’s going to be out of MS in a month so hopefully we’ll get to see more of him on variety shows like ‘we got married’ 🙂
    thanks coolsmurf!

  7. I agree, i think they are soo cute in we got married. Hey btw cool smurf can you sub Crown J couple and the other couple parts too.

  8. if YEH involved in ‘We Got Married’ i really want she partner with Eric…donno why they are have the connection ..Que Sera Sera..YEH supposely be involved but cancelled it cos mgt & health problem…i really love their action in Xman..although YEH also pairing with KJK but i really love ERIC & YEH more KJK & YEH..

  9. Que Chill: word! although i don’t think it will ever happen, i still don’t think KJK and YEH would make for an entertaining couple to watch on WGM. their pair had been puffed up for so long, i don’t think they have anything more to give to viewers other than their obvious sweetness towards each other. ho-hum. an eric-YEH tandem might work since after their short but incredibly sweet chemistry in X-Man, we’ve never really witnessed a follow-through. and i always thought they’re one of the best on-screen couples that never happened. of course, we all know that both KJK-YEH and Eric-YEH pair-offs are highly unlikely to happen.

  10. Guys, notice that kjk is a type of very responsible person and not only like a performer. he is a very vulnerable person that every celebrity respect him as a good descent man. weeell eric seems to me is like a li’l childish that reflects him as spoiled brat.
    I think yeh likes more responsible person as kjk. But anyways why we argue? It’s yeh’s heart that throbs towards to her person she loves and makes her exciting. sooo, we just let her decide.
    also, please no booooooing for kjk. that’s rude..and you are no respect. please respect them as human being like you.

  11. I hope yeh and kjk they have a good chemistry towards each other. I like kjk marry yeh. @ least they know each other well now and so with their parents, too.

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