Jewelry continues rewriting history One More Time

Jewelry just continues to break records with seven consecutive No.1.


Jewelry continues to sit atop the K-Chart in KBS Music Bank for the seven week running, showing an unusual strong fan backing. In the 18th April episode, “One More Time” became No.1 yet again. Since 7th March, it has continued it’s dominance on Music Bank and it seems like only themselves can stop this run once they start promoting their second song, “Everyone Shh!” in May.

With May one week away, “One More Time” might be No.1 again next week.

3 thoughts on “Jewelry continues rewriting history One More Time

  1. yeaaa but why dont they seem to have the same impact as Wonder Girls’ Tell Me wave… they are just popular.. eh.

  2. @jaime, there’s no repeating words like “Tell Me. tell me…”, they are after Wonder Girls and so people don’t find the novelty factor the 2nd time around, frankly I could go on and on…

  3. coolsmurf: beside the point that the song was already a hit around the world before they did their version. I think this is mostly the songs which is liked, when it comes down to who the fans are it will be much fewer. And they can’t match the song with their other songs probably.

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