Edison Chen bites back at Juno Mak

Edison Chen who has been in exile after leaving Hong Kong on 28th February since his nude photos scandal saw his fashion store “Juice” re-opened on 18th April after renovations although he was once again missing in person.

EDC and CLOT INC Staff

Meanwhile, he has reportedly gave his first interview to an online fashion portal, HyperBeast (link below) since his exile with his arrogance still not lost in an expletives-laded interview. He also gave his word that he will be back and also asked for a 1-on-1 confrontation with Juno Mak who had earlier claimed that his fashion line was street-corner fashion while his was high-end fashion.

Edison Chen

In the photoshoot for the interview, he wore the latest design from his fashion label, “Business As Usual” and took pictures for promotion. But Edison continued to be mysterious, using his cap to cover his eyes without much change to his figure. The interview was reportedly conducted through email in english and he obviously hinted some “injustice” towards Juno Mak for targeting him indirectly through several news reports. You can read his interview at hypebeast.com.

Since the nude photos scandal, Juno Mak has indeed seized the opportunity given to him by indirectly snatching into Edison Chen’s territory in a series of moves aimed at taking his place.

Gillian Chung with Juno Mak

Juno Mak who had an affection for Gillian, gave Edison Chen a roasting on radio in the aftermath of the scandal, claiming he was the “ultimate scum among all scums”, obviously trying to use Edison to score points with Gillian.

Immediately after, A Bathing Ape boss, Tomoaki “Nigo” Nagao who had been Edison’s close friend had a concert with Juno. “Silly Thing” records (under Juno Mak) even snatched Farmers (Edison Chen’s colleagues) concert dates.

When asked about Edison’s return to the fashion line, Juno said his label, “Silly Thing” was high-end fashion and were different from Edison’s fashion line. He labelled them as street-corner fashion. When JUICE reopened ater renovations, none of Edison’s rumoured girlfriend attended while the number of people attending was sparse. In contrast, when Juno had the concert with Nigo, Edison’s rumoured girlfriends like Fiona Sit, Amanda S, Rosanne, etc attended.

I will not go into details here but it has been three months since the scandal happened and “Kira” is yet to be caught by the police who are apparently clueless. There have been numerous hoaxes on hkgolden.com since then claiming new leaked pictures but nothing materialised. Now according to this website, “Kira” will be resurfacing on 24th April with new pictures, the same day where the court case for the nude photos scandal will be heard.

Might be another hoax but just blogging about it first.

17 thoughts on “Edison Chen bites back at Juno Mak

  1. Problem is that Juno does not really look like he could ever be cool.

    He looks like the dumb kid that sits at the back of the class drooling.

    In showbiz, looks are everything.

    Juno has none.

  2. Look, there is nothing wrong with their behavior. It felt good, so they did it. Reminds me of the Chinese couple that just got married. On their honeymoon night the timid husband asked his wife what he could do to please her. She replied, “Numba 69”. He asked, “You want beef with broccoli?”

  3. No. Nigo had the Bape Heads show in HK with Kanye west, N.E.R.D, Teriyaki Boyz. Silly thing was one of the organizers. and Juno merely attended.

    I don’t think Kanye even knows who the fuck Juno is. Silly Thing is run by his brother and the designer who designs their stuff is the same guy who designs for Clot. Kazuki from Fragment.

    Juno is just pissed off that Gillian sucked Edison’s dick and not his

  4. disgusting
    seeing her pics are like seeing her taking videos
    sick of seeing entertainment supporting her while she cries for help to her fans

  5. Juno is just like those down symdrome kids who live in the suburb. He’s not better than edison and his look sucks.
    Yea, i agree on number 9. He’s just jealous cos all de pretty girls suck edison dicks but not his. Back off, Juno!

  6. trashing a former bf really isn’t gonna help you get brownie points, juno….
    esp if youre talentless and unoriginal.
    and ugly…

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