Viewers concerned with “Yi San” drama ending

Viewers are now concerned with how MBC’s “Yi San” is going to end.

According to the production team, “Yi San” will finally come to an end on 9th June after numerous episode extensions. The drama was supposed to end at 61 episodes but was bumped to 76 episodes eventually.

The drama will end with the passing of King Jeong Jo (Lee Seo Jin) but many are divided over how his death is going to be portrayed. If it is filmed according to actual recorded history, it will mean a boring finale episode. But then, you can’t twist history and so they are now in discussions over this problem.

According to one staff, “It won’t be an easy decision to make. History dictates that King Jeong Jo died from illness but in order to make it look dramatic, we might incorporate the possibility that he was poisoned by his enemies.”

7 thoughts on “Viewers concerned with “Yi San” drama ending

  1. wat a sad ending it will be if King Jeong Jo died .. but history is HISTORY ..

    anyway ..i myself surprised to have watch YI SAN from ep 1 n cant wait to watch it till the very last ep.

    Good casts, good work! Beautiful drama!! ..
    n LeeSeoJin is the BEST of the BEST KING .. ever!! ..

    Aja Aja fighting!!! ..

  2. yi san is the best sageuk ive watched since Jumong

    watching taewangsashingi now so cant say if its the best yet

    but yeah yi san is awesome

    and hanjimin rules shes so uberly cute!!

    yeah go korean dramas!

  3. this drama is the best korean history movie that i had watch!!!!!
    i love it, however the ending was so sad…..

  4. hi, was just wondering, does anybody among you know the names of the other two guards that are always with dae su and the king?

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