Lee Ji Ah launches new version of her website

Korean actress, Lee Ji Ah revealed the new version of her website which she conceptualised and designed on 17th April. Lee Ji Ah who majored in design had launched her website last November and has seen visitors to the site multiply at an incredible rate. Her website records 10000+ views daily.

With Lee Ji Ah’s drama, “Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi” airing overseas, the website has seen an increase in the number of visits. Thus in view of that, Lee Ji Ah decided to revamp her website and launched the new interface the day before. The new version sees it having two themes, black and white. The black theme reveals the work and design concepts of Lee Ji Ah as a designer. The white theme meanwhile is mainly about Lee Ji Ah’s life as an actress and her work.

In future, Lee Ji Ah will try to upload her new works and lifestyle videos onto her website to improve her rapport with her fans.

21 thoughts on “Lee Ji Ah launches new version of her website

  1. yes you right it was opened last thursday yap it so mysteriously why naman bsg way kalibutan jud apil2 lng ta heheheheheheg!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. whats wrong 2 her website i wonder i wanna see it…..and can you tell if she has a friendster? i really want to add her as a friend(><,) she’s very pretty…pretty…gul.Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….i really like her so much!!!please tell her email in friendster.plz…

  3. i really like to see it..

    but it was unavailable..what happen?!

    i really like her.. I am her avid fan..

  4. The website is working.
    You just need to wait for it to load for somewhile.
    ^v^ Trust me!~

    The website has a nice n interesting grafic

  5. Hi! The LEGEND was a big hit here in the Philippines and everybody fell in love with Lee Ji Ah. Does she have any other movies or tv dramas available?

  6. her site was soo cool!!!! i enjoyed surfing it!!!
    she really is such a talented gurl!!!
    very admiring c”,)

  7. lOw,i’m an avid fan of lEe ji ah….she’s damn pretty and a great actress.The Legend was really a big hit here in Philippines.Hope i can get Lee ji ah’s friendster account .thanks!

  8. good!! and i just wanna ask why i can’t register it? is that baecause of too many people? I like Jang Keun Suk and Lee Ji Ah, they can be a couple too! It is really good!

  9. I went to her web site it was perfect. but I want to know what is her Email ..I love her so much..I want to add her

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