Kim Ah Joong declines 200 Pounds Beauty Sequel Offer

The sequel to the award-winning 2006 South Korean comedy, “200 Pounds Beauty” has reportedly chosen an unidentified popular singer, L to replace Kim Ah Joong as the leading lady as the latter has rejected the offer.

200 Pounds Beauty

According to the production company for “200 Pounds Beauty” sequel in an interview, “The storytalks about Kang Han Na whose weight rebounds after plastic surgery and becomes overweight again. But still she manages to rely on her expectional vocals to realise her dreams as a singer (talk about originality). Kim Ah Joong has decided not to reprise her role (yeah, why do the same thing again) and it’s understood that the role would go to a popular female singer. But because the details are yet to be finalised, we can’t reveal her name.”

Kim Ah Joong relied on special makeup to make herself look overweight in the original film. But it’s understood that the main actress would be require to put on real weight for the sequel and if that singer agrees to that condition, it would become a big news in the industry.

12 thoughts on “Kim Ah Joong declines 200 Pounds Beauty Sequel Offer

  1. I love Kim Ah Joong’s voice ! Too bad she rejected the offer but I agree she will wear that special costume again, she found it very uncomfortable lol

    Well hope it’s going to be good as the first.

  2. Yeah, doubt that she would ever go that far for a movie… She’s not the type of person to do that and I don’t think this would be one of those roles that she would be praised for for transforming into a not so attractive person (like say Charlize Theron, etc.).

    And anyway, they really should not make a sequel to this…

  3. awww… i’d like to see her again but then, she has a point, looking forward to who is going to take the role ^_^

  4. I guess its smart of her to reject. I really doubt the sequel will be as good as the first one, for one the storyline is rather blah-ish.

  5. I don’t think she rejected the offer because of the weight she would have to gain, she probably did it because she thought the movie wasn’t going to make money. You’re absolutely right when you say the storyline isn’t original. The weight gain and redoing a role was just another deterrent.

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