Andy denies dating Solbi and talks about Eric

Andy gave his thoughts on Eric being part of MBC “We Got Married” variety.


Andy who has seen a popularity surge after being on MBC “We Got Married” gave his thoughts on Solbi and Eric during a recording for KBS “Star Recipe”.

After seeing how Solbi was behaving towards Andy in “We Got Married”, he has been flooded with questions about whether they were dating. His reply, “We are only close during filming. My understanding of her though has improved.”

As for having a girlfriend, Andy replied, “Not for the past 6 years.” Although he had expressed before that his ideal girl was Kim Tae Hee, he has decided recently that girls who can make kimchi and understand him is better for him.

As for Eric always being mentioned when he’s on variety shows, Andy said, “It’s no big hindrance.” He added, “If Eric hyung was on We Got Married, I think he would be similar to Alex, attracting everyone’s attention.”

In “We Got Married”, Alex and Shin Ae who are put together as newly-weds has accumulated quite a reputation as the model romantic couple. As such, questions are often directed towards them like, “Are you really dating?”, etc.

Andy’s “Star Recipe” segment will be shown on 18th April.

7 thoughts on “Andy denies dating Solbi and talks about Eric

  1. it’d be nice if andy really dates solbi.hahaha.
    and if crown j realy dates in young.hahahaha.they’ll make the funniest couple ever. i think they will respect and learn more about each other, since they are so ‘alike.’
    about shin ae and alex, for few first episodes, it seems like they were the perfect couple. i just watched their 5th episode and i dont find anything new or touching. i dont feel the chemistry like i feel for andy-solbi and crown j-in young.

    anywayy, thank you soooo much coolsmurf. i’ve been adding those videos like crazy to my account. i have 3 accounts in youtube, 2 of them are already full of my faves vids. i just made a new one today.ahhahaa.

    thank you for translating crown j and so in young. i like to watch their episodes, but there are none being subbed. hiks. thank youuuuuu. *touched*

    hahhaa.anywhoo, have a goooooooooooood day alvin 🙂


  2. since i dont watch the show due to little time, snippets like these articles on your blog keeps me updated. and with a great view on what is happening. thank you, alvin.

    XD andy called eric his oppa. roflrofl.

    unless its a translation problem…

  3. Andy and solbi are sooooo cute 2gether, i think they are the most realistic couple, while Alex and Shin Ae look like a movie couple. Crown J and in young are soo funny, especially when in young is mad at him.

  4. I think Eric would be like Alex also. I can definitely see that. Maybe Eric could be in a “We Got Married” in a future season… like after three years, since he’s going into the army soon. Alex and ShinAe are too perfect in my opinion. I mean, it’s entertaining to watch them, but they’re kinda not relatable because they are movie-like. As for Andy and Solbi, they’re so much fun together and even realistic. Crown J and In Young are hilarious together, but they need to set their differences aside and talk about each calmly. XD As for Saori and Hyung Don, well, I never really had interest in them. Their situation’s too depressing in my opinion… haha!

  5. You can watch subbed ‘We got married’ on youtube…

    I love watching ‘We got married’
    Andy and Solbi are my favorite..So was Shin Ae and Alex but they have left the show..The people replaced them Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun-Joong arent as great….Shin Ae and Alex were sweeter together…Aww. Going to miss them. Crown J and In young are so funny…
    The replacements for Jung Hyung Don and Saori couple, Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong wasnt as missed as Alex and Shin Ae as they did really do anything or had much part in the show. But dont get me wrong Jung Hyung Don was funny with all his commentry to the others.

    My favorite parts:
    Andy and Solbi: When Solbi and Andy are with the rest of the Shinhwa for thier 10th anniversery.
    In young and Crown J: when they go shopping to buy things for thier mother in laws and crown J gets mad and shouts at her for a seperation but was secretly planning her a suprise: the concert/show .
    Shin Ae and Alex : Thier last part together when they were singing ‘flowerpot’ My fave part but the most sad too. Also when alex sings ‘Like a child’. And Shin Ae obssession with baby shoes..(The shoes were cute)

    As for Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun-Joong, Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong and Jung Hyung Don and Saori i havent watched many of thiers, there doesnt seem to be much shots of them.

    Overall ‘We got married’ Awsome show. (Y)

  6. i am fascinated with andy and solbi. they really look good together. nice pair i’d say… 🙂

  7. Too much A~
    Too much A~
    hahahaha that song has been playing in my head this few days
    thanks to MBC We Got Married show ahaha
    thanks to coolsmurf too for uploading it and other uploaders

    i like Alex and Shinae couple. they are so sweet .
    and the most part i like a bout them is the Wedding Photoshoot and the Flowerpot part
    i cried like a baby lolz

    then i becoming to like Crown J and SIY
    eventhough they fought in the first few episode
    but then when they already know each other well
    they can be the perfect couple hehehe
    i like when He sang Too Much to SIY
    hehehhe even the accident before that
    then i like the one they go shopping in DOTTA
    he bought her the hair accesories and both like it

    now i beginning to hear Crown J song “Kevin is a player”
    i recommend it to everyone lolz ^^

    i also like Andy and Solbi couple, they are like real couple
    and showed up in many shows together lolz
    i like the part where Solbi visited Andy in the 10th anniversary concert of SHinhwa and the kiss part
    then i like when they both bought the ‘couple rings’ together
    and they dont even know it hahahaz

    plus i like Hwang bo n HJ couple too
    even though the couple wont be real couple
    if u know wat i mean
    they are the sweetest couple ever
    i like HJ called Hwang buin “yobo” which means darling in the Japan trip in the studio
    HJ was surprised too to call HB that hahahhaz
    i like how HB knows about HJ effort in their relationship
    and always remember everything even though he seems like nothing happen

    i like all the couples. i like the show
    all the best Hwaiting~~~~

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