Goo Hye Sun wants to direct

After finishing SBS “King and I” and being confirmed recently for KBS “Strongest Chil Woo” drama with Eric, Goo Hye Sun is now in the midst of preparing for her role. In an interview, she also revealed her aspirations to become a director.

Goo Hye Sun

In a recent interview done with KBS “Entertainment Relay”, Goo Hye Sun was asked about her first impression of Eric and her future plans. When asked about her first meeting with Eric, Hye Sun said, “He’s really good-looking. He’s really experienced (acting) and I think I can learn lots from him. I am really happy to be given an opportunity to act opposite him in Strongest Chil Woo.”

Following collaborations with Lee Min Woo and Andy in the past, she’s now going to partner another Shinhwa member. She said, “I was with Lee Min Woo in a daily sitcom and emcee Inkigayo with Andy. I am kind of shy opposite Eric now because I don’t know him well yet.”

When she was asked about her love life, Hye Sun said, “I don’t have one now but I like guys who are courteous.” As for future plans, she expressed, “Besides acting, I want to try my hand at other jobs. Because I love writing, so I was thinking that maybe I could become a script writer or become a composer. But before all that, the job that I want to try is to become a movie director. If given the chance, I would love to direct a short film.”

“Strongest Chil Woo” will debut on KBS in May 2008.

14 thoughts on “Goo Hye Sun wants to direct

  1. I believe that Ku (Goo) Hye Sun can do it all! She is my favorite actress, she can sing, she’s an artist with pen and ink, she says she’d like to write – GO FOR IT!! Just don’t stop acting altogether – your American fans (as well as those around the world) will always want to see you in the dramas you perform.

  2. I love GHS also! Love all your work. Keep fighting and be positive. Critics love to attack the best! Love you as Jandi!

  3. of course she can do it!!! she’s a super multi-talented actress!!!! h0w I wish she can give me one of hers skills… erm., I love her so much she’s my fave. actress.and fave. singer.. love her so0o0o0 much!!!!!! wahahahaha!!!!!! god bless u goo hye sun!! ur the bxt am0ng the best!!!! erm!! take care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mwuah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls. be with my lee min ho as possible!!!! i’LL see u so0n!!erm., maybe!!! lolz.. mavyah!!!

  4. I love Goo Hye Sun very much.
    Just from now I adore for artist like this.
    She is very multi talented.
    She also has nice eyes and cute smile… I love it.
    Goo Hye Sun.. I wish all the best for you and more success!!

  5. goo hye sun..
    i really adore you. i hope that you can become a really good director one day. coz i know u have such a multiple talents in yourselv.

    u have ur own art exhibition, u have a good voice, u really good at acting and one thing that i notice bout u is u have a good sense in fashion style *wink* maybe u can be a fashion designer one day? LOL ^0^

    and the most important thing is that, dont get urselv too busy and make ur time to meet LEE MIN HO..hihi
    bcoz i think u guys are soOoOo match made in heaven..
    i can see that hes watching over you..=D

    ur biggest fan

  6. yoboseyo? unni goo hye sun, bangapsupneeda! i hope you and lee min ho were making high school drama again! please come and visit in philippines!

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