Crown J and Seo In Young hitting well off-screen

While it might seem that Seo In Young is very bratty and Crown J is like a slave to her whims and fancy on MBC “We Got Married”, it’s not exactly that bad off-screen. Although it might look harsh on-screen especially if you compare them to others, the pairing of Seo In Young and Crown J serves as a contrast to the romantic Alex and Shin Ae couple, cute Andy and Solbi couple. And judging from the below articles, it seems like they are hitting well off-screen.

The four couples that made We Got Married a success

Seo In Young posted pictures of herself and Crown J on her minihompy on 15th April which was titled “My husband~.” Netizens who have seen the pictures commented that the two are “very cute” and that they “look good together”.

Crown J and Seo In Young

We had an article today regarding Seo In Young’s Jewelry releasing the follow-up song, “Everybody, Shhh!” to their super hit, “One More Time” in May. What’s interesting is that the MV which will be filmed on 21st April will involve Poppin’ Hyun Joon and Crown J, showing his support outside of “We Got Married”.

Crown J and Seo In Young

Crown J revealed in an interview that Seo In Young is close to his ideal type.

Crown J and Seo In Young

He said, “I don’t have a girlfriend currently but out of the 4 women in ‘We Got Married’, Seo In Young, who plays my partner, is closest to my ideal woman. For me, although I really respect elders, I like a woman who is assertive.”

Crown J also mentioned that in “We Got Married,” he and Seo In Young often fight but they really have many things in common like they like the same music and even have the same perfume and lotion. He reasoned that because of that, they are able to show their natural selves in MBC “We Got Married.”

credit: krnloop

14 thoughts on “Crown J and Seo In Young hitting well off-screen

  1. It will be nice seeing them get together. =]

    In fact I hope all couples get together after the program!

  2. They’re hands down the most interesting couple because they aren’t afraid to get into fights. Certainly, they’re the most natural and believable couple. They seemed very comfortable with each other from day one.

  3. i love this couple!!!! i especially like how they tend to bicker with each other and then end up being really sweet to one another.. XD can’t wait to see more interactions between the two! ❤ i watched your subbed CJ & SIY cut yesterday! thanks so much for subbing it coolsmurf! 😀

  4. omigoshhhh..alvin, i just watched the newest episode of ‘we got married’ and it is just the best! (even though it is not subbed yet- iwatched it in korean.hihihi)
    i just love the fact that crown j and so inyoung can be lovey dovey with each other too..mannnnn, i was almost in tears because of crown j.
    he gave her ‘dream gift.’
    it’s a shoe, a nice one.hihi.
    and then she just hugged him.
    aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww, they look like the ‘realest’ couple ever!!!!
    it’s so cute to see them acted that way (they usually fight all day long).
    they are just the most adorable coupleeee…
    please subbed the crown j-so in young parts and andy-solbi, please please.
    when eric shouted,”mbo ya!!!!”
    it’s just sooooooooooooooooooo funnnyyyyy.
    thank youuuu alvinnnnnnnnnnnn 🙂
    you’re the best!

  5. I enjoyed watching them!

    They are like true girlfriend/boyfriend relationship who the boyfriend is always tolerant and the girlfriend is not matured enough

    Beside, they are sooo alike.

    If only In Young can be more sensible and learn how to be a little more mature and considerate towards Crown J then they will be a great couple…:)

  6. They are my second favorite because I feel they are real and being themselves.

    The question is?

    Does they made for each other?

    Aja Crown J! I’m rooting for you because you are so pateint and try so hard to protect your wife. And the yellow shoes is so pretty.

  7. i love this couple the most… it’s one of the reason why i’m too into this show… love them…

  8. (KYAAAAAA!!!) i fell in love with this couple before i even watched
    and i only watch because of them
    (love crown j’s surprises)

  9. seo in young is so j,this man is the best to be a husband, even im impress with his suprise young luv u hahaha….please be with crown j

  10. all the couples look kinda good together 🙂 (except dondon and saori…..dondon is just too lazy lmao XD he regrets it tho); i wish all of them would get together in real life, at least the original couples [and of course, joongbo!! <3] but i dont think thats gonna happen anytime soon T-T if i had to choose a couple to be together, it would be Ansol couple, then joongbo, then ant couple haha~since i think ant couple is very cute but they fight a lot and sometimes inyoung is just too unreasonable. lol but i really like them together 😀

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