Alex and Shin Ae says goodbye to “We Got Married”

Alex and Shin Ae will depart MBC Sunday Sunday Night program, “We Got Married” after being paired up together as a newly-wed couple for weeks now.

Alex and Shin Ae

In “We Got Married”, Alex and Shin Ae has been a model romantic newly-weds and had received immense support from viewers who loved their pairing. But with Alex having to record his solo album, the popular newly-weds have no choice but to temporarily leave the show from May onwards.

Alex and Shin Ae

According to sources, Kim Hyun Joong from SS501 could be invited to fill the void. He is expected to offer a different flavored love story with his from the existing couples if he was picked. It’s believed that once Alex is done with recording his album, he will be back on the show with Shin Ae again.

In “We Got Married”, Alex and Shin Ae, Andy and Solbi, Jung Hyung Don and Saori, Crown J and Seo In Young had been paired together by MBC as they depicted the lifestyles of newly-wedded couples according to their own personalities. Although only five episodes have been shown up to last week, it has swiftly become the No.1 program on MBC Sunday Sunday Night lineup.

Alex and Shin Ae

Their last appearance will be on 27th April. They will be sorely missed and who knows, they might be seeing each other off-screen and without cameras. ^.^

25 thoughts on “Alex and Shin Ae says goodbye to “We Got Married”


  2. what??????????
    they’re my fave!
    i’d like them to hit it for REAL though.

  3. agree with ‘ruthhh’. NOOOOOOO! they show won’t be the same without them. i liked the show for the fact that it didn’t have ‘young idols’ on it *sigh* not that i don’t like khj but involving young fangirls in this isn’t the best idea. very messy and i don’t think very in sync with the show’s concept IMO. anyways, i guess it’ll only be until alex finishes recording right? i’m glad that shin ae is taking a break too. it would’ve been blegh to see her paired with someone else after the chemistry build-up between them. i wouldn’t be surprised if they saw each other outside of the show *fingers crossed*

  4. haha…i think they will be seeing each other off screen, with more privacy….either that, or have the sweetest reunion ever when they both get back on the show!!

  5. it’s gonna be weird seeing shin ae with some other guy then alex, or are they going to change her too? Kim Hyun Joong it’s too young for her. Just my opinion. The news saddened me cause i really like this couple. Though andy and solbi are cute together, alex’s behavior made us see him as a perfect partner, so careful to shin ae’s wishes. I smiled a lot watching those two

  6. Just wanna say ‘thank you’ again for subbing the Alex-Shinae segments of the show. Thanks to you, they now have more supporters than detractors. They’re my favourite couple on the show too. Don’t think it’ll ever be the same without them. Btw, you have my utmost support too! ):

  7. I am super bummed out when I found out about this. They are one of my favorite couples on the show. I will really miss this couple….=(

    Hopefully they can become a couple in real life lol.

  8. @akon, kim hyun joong is just a suggestion so I think they are still looking for the best guy and girl to replace them. It will be hard though, high standard to follow.

  9. I’m completely sad that they’re leaving. I look forward to Sundays because of them. At first SIY – Crown J were my fave, then Andy and Solbi, but hit Ep 3 and I completely fell in-love with this couple. We got to see them go from awkward to comfortable. Their story was/is like a movie or a drama that keeps you glued and wanting to see more of. Besides this show, I hate Sundays cause that means Monday’s right after but having this show air on Sundays only, that makes waking up on sundays even better! Lol.

    I’m blabbing.

    I will wait for their return and hope that they do/will. Till then, at least we have your subbed videos, Alvin, to rewatch and relive their love story.

  10. After sighing a relieve that the Andy is leaving the show rumors is NOT TRUE, now I have to face this ????

    WHAT THE HECK IS THIS ??? Awwww Alex-Shin Ae fantasy romance moments will be missed! It should be great to follow their feelings towards each other develops to the L word. Hopefully they will be back as long as the show still airs, or maybe we’ll hear of them off screen. I don’t know about you guys, but although there’s been a debate that they are simply acting, I truly feel that Alex and Shin Ae relationship is slowly developing and they are not acting.

    It has been a joy to see how a simple girl like Shin Ae made Alex stammered, sweats, and stealing glances at her. And I’m sure it’s not common for Alex to do that (cause he oozes the zzang appearance). Just hope we devoted Al-Gun – Shin Ae fans have a closure of what we thought they were experiencing.

  11. OH my godddd!!!!!!
    I can’t believe this thing happen.
    I just finish watching your new subbing in youtube a minute ago, and BANG!!! I find this news. My heart is breaking .
    I really love this couple.They are so sweet.
    Anyway I will try to get through this and will wait for them to return again.
    I don’t know how long to wait but if I can wait for Jong Kook oppa to be out of the military I can wait for them.
    Thanks so much Coolsmurf for all your subbing.You did a very great job.And I appreciate that so much.
    PS.Can you subbing their first episode.I want to collect all of their parts.THANK YOU 🙂

  12. Hi, I’m sadden to learn that Alex and Shin Ae are leaving the programme. I just come to know about the show and found it interesting especially the romantic couple Alex and Shin Ae. I hope they really made it as a true couply off-screen.
    I second usabe about subbing their first episode. Pls….pls…….
    Many thanks and really appreciate it.

  13. OMG!!!
    they’ll out of the show!!i just can’t believe it???
    shin ae is so lovely and really compatible with our gentleman alex…so sad…i’m gonna miss both of them…really hope they’ll be together in real life…huhuhu anyway, best of luck for both of them…

  14. WHAT?! WHAAAT?! They can’t leave! Aren’t they the most popular couple? O.O T.T NOOO! This is good publicity for Alex. He should continue recording! T.T I can’t believe this. T.T Who will Hyun Joong be with? Oh goodness, the new couple will have alot of pressure on them, replacing THE Alex and ShinAe couple!

  15. Thank you coolsmurf for all the subbing.

    It is a sad thought that Alex and Shin Ae will be leaving the show.

    To Alex fighting and hope that your solo album will be good you have my support, it has been refreshing to see that even a show like this one can show that there is always somethings to gain for being a nice guy. But hope that its not all show but hope that there is a drop of truth may be seen.

    To Shin Ae I hope her heart has found a way to heal with the friendship she has with Alex.


  16. what are their full names so i can google them? i googled shin ae but it came up with a different actress, and i can’t get anything off of “alex” 😉 lemme know!

  17. I’m not even korean and I’m addicted to them! Why does Alex have to leave??! What if the new guy takes over and then alex has no chance with shin ae again? I thought he loved her!?
    Also.. I wanted to know… why does shin ae seem so cold? no tears, no affection, nothing! I feel bad for alex =(

  18. Noura, the possibility of some other guy courting Shin Ae is high especially now that she is visible in the ‘biz again and even Alex himself said in episode 2 that maybe the reason why she had scandals that weren’t true is because many people (meaning guys) are interested in her. So, yes…that could happen. Let’s just hope that Shin Ae can wait for Alex and that Alex make it very clear to Shin Ae if he really likes her.

    I think the reason why Shin Ae seems so cold and reserved is because she has been hurt by a lot of people in the past. I think anyone who has been hurt especially by people you trust and love will be like that. She even explained it in episodes 1 to 3.

  19. i like the song Flowerpot since i watch this show ^^
    very touching and left a deep impression in me ^^
    i like to see them both together again…..
    i miss them in the show….i will watch the show again
    thanks to coolsmurf….for uploading n subbing in youtube

  20. hello… m, i also love this couple.. although i’m not from korea, i really love them so much…..
    can u emel me if u got any vid about them… just alshin couple… cut from WGM… tx

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