Alex and Shin Ae theme song in We Got Married

We all know about Alex serenading Shin Ae in Episode 2 of “We Got Married” with Like A Child by Kim Dong Ryul. Now there’s another song in the latter episodes that keeps playing when sweet moments of them happen on screen. Many have been asking about the song and I have been hooked on it since.

Kim Jong Wook – Only You MV

The MV features former SG Wannabe member, Chae Dong Ha in his first acting gig and actress Jo Yeo Jung in a painful love story. Pretty good song.

11 thoughts on “Alex and Shin Ae theme song in We Got Married

  1. The video is no longer available, Is there a link to the video on utube? Great blogs and news coverage, keep up the good work Coolsmurf!!!!

  2. like a child is wooonderful, and so the rest of kim dong ryu;’s monologue album
    what a classic!

    i wish alex release his own ver.
    but like alex said, “its not my song” haha

  3. nice song! i have a question though..what song does alex sing to sinae on ep06? the one with wanting to kiss under the coconut tree? after he gave her a foot massage..

  4. the song is kinda nice, but the one in eps. 6 is better, do you know the title of the song ?? the song is stuck on my head

  5. i want the name of the song when he give her a gift a flower in a studio plzzzzzzzzzzzzz i want the name of the song

  6. do you know the name of the song from when they showed the video of Alex and Shin Ae in the Chuseok special when they introduced the supportes and from the come to play episode when it showed their video? I think it was from episode 23. please if you could tell me. i can not find it anywhere!

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