SBS, MBC, KBS Dramas dukes for supremacy in June

It has been pointless now for any new drama to come up against MBC “Yi San” if you didn’t know as existing competition are just left in it’s shadows (posting abysmal 1-digit rating). But with “Yi San” finally ending it’s run on 9th June, it’s back to square one for all three major tv stations in Korea as they all seek to become the No.1 rated drama in the Mon/Tues timeslot with their new offerings.

Leading the pack is SBS “Gourmet” which will be led by Kim Rae Won and Nam Sang Mi (looking weird in short hair?). Adapted from Heo Young Man’s same titled comic, the movie adaptation performed well at the box office last year as it showcased a battle of culinary skills between chefs in the kitchen. The fans are excited to know if the drama adaptation can live up to the movie and if there’s chemistry between the two main leads. Rae Won’s last drama before army.

Nam Sang Mi and Kim Rae Won in Gourmet

KBS has come up with “Strongest Chil Woo” to provide stiff competition to the other two tv stations. Airing on 9th June, it will replace “Rivals” (Chae Rim) and features a martial arts period drama about the life of a top assassin in the Chosun era. The biggest selling point here is that Eric’s character sees him playing a lowly officer at the investigation court in the day but becomes an ultimate assassin at night. Goo Hye Sun plays his romantic interest in the drama and this incidentally will be Eric’s last drama before enlistment as well.

Eric and Goo Hye Sun

Finally, we have MBC “Every Day Every Night” starring Kim Sun Ah who last graced our screens in “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”. She will seek to discard the comical image from that drama and plays a beautiful, sexy cultural relics protection worker. The long awaited return of Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Gun’s first drama since the tragic loss of his brother will be a talking point.

Lee Dong Gun and Kim Sun Ah

The end of “Yi San” will herald a new beginning for SBS, KBS and MBC who will start with a clean slate. Who will come out victorious? Judging from history, “Gourmet” might just edge it with it’s food them. It will be close though.

7 thoughts on “SBS, MBC, KBS Dramas dukes for supremacy in June

  1. Of the three, I’m excited about Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Gun the most, but really, none of them really stand out. I guess we’ll have to see the specific plots and everything. I can definitely see that there is going to be a lot of hype about each of them…

  2. tough choices, but i’m definitely more excited about lee dong gun and kim sun ah’s new drama..thanks coolsmurf!

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