Kim Hee Chul looking masculine

Korean idol group, Super Junior member, Kim Hee Chul recently posted a photo on his Cyworld minihompy sporting a beard, looking rather masculine and shocking his fans who were used to his effeminate image.

Manly Kim Hee Chul

Instead of looking cute, the current trend is that guys who looks masculine are better received by female fans. Thus, Kim Hee Chul’s image transformation has got generally good reviews from most of this fans. Fans visting his minihompy commented, “Very wild, very suave”, giving his new image the thumbs up.

Kim Hee Chul also commented about his new image, “I also want to have a sexy beard but I don’t have much hair growing there personally. I think I need to find some hair growing cream and apply it there.” Fans who wants to see him clean shaven would probably have to wait for a long period of time now.

45 thoughts on “Kim Hee Chul looking masculine

  1. haha..masculine..?..i think a better description would be “homeless” >.> gosh..these ppl need to look at a mirror once in a while

  2. ehh, i don’t think the scruffy look works for them suju boys…well, i can only think of ki bum too.

    heechul looked so good during the exploration of the human body days!

    now he kinda looks hispanic…or a j-rocker gone wrong.

  3. dude nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo nooooooooooooooooooooo
    u get my point now no he was so cute

  4. i don’t like him… :/

    much bette if he’ll have a clean hair cut…thicker beard and build more muscle…^^

    in conclusion…a new female species will arise… of a kind…better to hav one ^^

  5. heechul’s been hanging out with Mithra too much… he must have wanted to copy Mithra’s tarzan look. XD

  6. hhaha lol “jrocker gone wrong” funnie..
    hrm.. idk.. my thoughts on this look.. i think hes “maturing”.. but people dont see that cuz everyone is too used to his usual ways.. so his immature self matches his clean cut feminine boyish look.. so maybe this is the “outcome” of him being “mature”?? idk.. just a thought.. seriously tho.. he should shave cuz hes not ready for the “macho mountain man” look.. or however you guys put it.. “homeless?” haha lol that was funnie.. anywho..

  7. … i think his trying to sport the look of johnny depp …but the outcome for him instead of looking manly..he looks …sad to say but true ..”homeless”….

  8. rofL..’jrocker 6one wron6′..that was funny..

    it doesnt fit..
    he’s a beauty turned beast..(that was rude,im sorry)

    but he’s stilL heechuL,can show that he’s matured,realLy.
    but in a different way,welL i thought so..

  9. naawww he looks better with his former girlish look (ahem.. sorry chullie.. but you look better before, IMO)

  10. i heard that he shaved everything after people and other SuJu members said that it doesn’t suit him or something like that.
    anyway, i’m a SuJu fan specially Heechul oppa!~ ^^

  11. oh where oh where do I start…
    I’m not used to seeing his image like this..I don’t think everyone is actually.

  12. WHOAH first word popped in mind. but Hey, celebs always try to do a Different “Do” w/ their face,body,fashion. if he cleans the hair a bit, i think he’ll look better =) GO HEECHUL ❤

    – i hate these cruel people -_-

  13. oh my god i think he can look like hyunbin with those goatie and moustache..its not that bad just the hair makes him feel like a homeless guy who never bathe for days. lol heechul i love him but dont go beyond there lol..just make it neater and he be all nice..

  14. i really don’t like this pic
    however, i like kim hee chul-ssi very much
    he looks his best with shoet hair and clean face
    looks the sexiest and more manly
    but when he has long hair too i love him
    he looks cute and innocent
    love his eyes and smile
    *sigh* ❤ ❤ ❤
    love my oppa ^^

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  16. I think he looks good! Keep up the good work! I think he often almost looked freaky with the “girly”-look.. But here, he’s definitely cooler (and more good-looking 😉 )

  17. wow…i can’t stop laughing look at this picture…it’s so funny for me….kim heechul you are so funny guy i ever know in this world…saranghae!!!

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