Epik High One MV + “Pieces, Part One” album leaked

Epik High’s 5th studio album, “Pieces, One Part” was suspected to have been leaked onto the Internet for download even before it’s official release today and has dealt a big blow to them and the Korean music industry.

Epik High feat. Ji Sun – One MV
Ryeo Won looks great and seeing the MV, the song sounds even better. Ryeo Won is just someone that’s tired of whatever shit happens in life. She tries to commit suicide and fails the first time. She tries again, using the same pills, and succeeds. Epik High comes in as spiritual beings (remember, they came in after the investigation/police team and alo just faded out at the end) and turns time back to give her another chance to live and rethink. The main point of the MV and song is to give strength back to those that are tired to where they might have given up on life. Ryeo Won is tired, and Epik High, the artists, are the ones that revive her, just like the song. (credit to Shadow5YA for explanation)

All the tracks from Epik High’s 5th album was made available for download on a Korean website on the afternoon of 15th April. The links were swiftly duplicated and spread like wildfire through blogs and forums. It was a lost cause by the time Epik High and their managment agency got to know about this.

WOOLLIM Entertainment representative expressed, “Epik High’s 5th album completion was made possible with the sweat and tears by all the staff in the company and we even organized a big-scale countdown event for the album release. The leaked album has put paid to all our efforts and we are just upset and angry at the moment. To prevent the tracks from being illegally uploaded in advance, we had specially put in place stronger security measures. I can guarantee you that the uploaded tracks came from demo discs that were made available to a selected group of people. We have their names and we will do a investigation to find out the mastermind behind this. We will seek all possible legal action against the mastermind for criminal intent. In addition, we will also seek actions against the website that first posted the links.”

7 thoughts on “Epik High One MV + “Pieces, Part One” album leaked

  1. The song sounds really good. This kind of video would definitely not be shown in America (and maybe other places) so kudos to them for doing it anyway. If only I can understand the message in the song.

  2. hmmm. i dl-ed the album today, but my copy has been also ordered, i just couldnt resist since the song was effing awesome. still i hope that WOOLLIM will find the culprit of the leak, especially since they had actually put in extra efforts to keep the album a secret till the release. i hope that all the leaked copies will somehow still translate to actual album sales (haha wishful thinking though)

  3. hey ya!!! I love epik high…i am from romania! they are so great and this song is so beautiful…i like their change but i think tablo looks great with long hair not short …:P ..anyway/…great video 😉

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