Chae Yeon grabs eyeballs in suggestive photoshoot

Sexy Korean singer, Chae Yeon who released part one of her “Party” photoshoot not too long ago, has released part two from that. Compared to stars who shows cleavage in daring outfits to attract fans, Chae Yeon is relying on suggestive images and daring theme/genre to grab eyeballs instead.

Thus, even though Chae Yeon outfits aren’t very revealing, it has got a tremendous response from fans. Since the photoshoot was made downloadable, it has been among the top of the most downloads list.

15 thoughts on “Chae Yeon grabs eyeballs in suggestive photoshoot

  1. Who the heck is the other girl in the pictures? Now SHE’S grabbing eyeballs…and for all the wrong reasons too. :/

  2. trying to be riaque…missed it though… they both look scared to be next to each other it seems… it just looks uncomfortable and trying too hard… but on the plus side, she looks pretty, so blah…

  3. LOL.. eventhought Ido not like these pictures, but SpaceClav are right, much better than Kim Hee Chul’s masculine look.( implant facial hair )

  4. You’re saying that she looks like a slut?
    What about Lee Hyori, other Korean stars, and other American stars?
    Don’t they all wear dresses like these? Maybe even shorter?
    She kinda looks weird in some of these pictures, but the others are pretty.

  5. haters get of the page. if she is a slut you are a slut too and if you dont like it did anyone force you to look, see how stupid you haters are.

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