Tan Jing (谭静)’s death not as simple as it seems?

The somewhat mysterious death of little-known Chinese actress, Tan Jing (谭静) reported in the Chinese media over the past week has not only invoked fervent discussions among Chinese netizens but also interesting foreign media.

Tan Jing

Tan Jing was once in Korean singer, Kim Jong Kook’s MV, “Walking in One Spot”. She also appeared in a Korean TV CF and signed on with an agency as a model. There are speculation that her death might have been caused by Koreans. Hence, the Korean media are particularly interested in her death.

Kim Jong Kook – Walking in One Spot MV

If you visit Korean websites now, it’s not difficult to find reports related to Tan Jing’s death. “谭静” has become a key search term on major Korean search engines for the past few days. As for the speculation that three Koreans raped and then subsequently killing her. The trio are believed to be male crew members from a certain Korean airlines. Many Korean netizens are not happy and voiced their displeasure. Some commented, “This speculation will only seek to diminish the image of Koreans in the eyes of the Chinese people.”

Although Chinese police have already determined that her cause of death is suicide after investigation, many remained unconvinced and believes there’s more to it. Judging from the present fallout, there might be more twists and turn than expected. Whatever it is, she is dead and hopefully she finds peace.

7 thoughts on “Tan Jing (谭静)’s death not as simple as it seems?

  1. i have no comment upon her death, it’s just that i think you got the wrong title for the song. I believe it’s ‘jejarigorum’ which means walking in one spot or something like that.
    hihihi.i’ve been waiting for jong kook’s arrival next month! do you guys remember? i think it’s gonna be may 29th.
    keep that in mind!! my han namja.hehehe.

  2. have you seen this?!!

    ^ omo! that’s a horrible death…
    she seemed to have been tied and was dropped off a window and she’s almost naked…
    it doesn’t look like suicide to me…
    to think, if i were to commit suicide by jumping off a building then why must i tie myself???
    it doesn’t make sense right?!

    may she rest in peace…
    and if ever, may she find justice…

  3. May she rest in peace.

    I’ve been reading a bit about this news and things just don’t seem right. I thought I read somewhere that her death was not because of suicide? Hmmm I guess we’ll hear more in the next few days.

  4. SZAI, can you warn people before posting something like that please?? that is one very disturbing image I did not want to see!

    people, before clicking on the link provided by SZAI (poster #2) please be warned, it’s an explicit image of Tan Jing’s deceased body.

    RIP Tan Jing. This is just too disturbing.

  5. Remember that the already dead body was raised with a rope by chinese police. She was NOT found like that. Once again, incorrect information fuels speculation.

  6. HEY SNOW,
    szai started with: HAVE YOU ALREADY SEEN THIS ~ that’s a horrible dead! so you can expect it’s a picture and not an article coz she didn’t say : have you already read this! n if you’re so scared then dont click on that link nobody forced you to click on it

    and there’s nth wrong w/ that picture. it’s not scary, but it’s sad. don’t you feel sorry for her? after seeing that pic i’m not scared at all, but i am VERY angry of those bastards who did that to her! i hope she’ll get her justice soon.

    just by looking at that picture we can all see she DID NOT commit suicide.

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