Rain speaks English in international Speed Racer trailer

Korean popstar debut Hollywood movie, “Speed Racer” released its international trailer yesterday and there were noticeably more Taejo Togokahn scenes then before. Seeing Rain speaking English (just one-liners) in the trailer showed that his hard work in learning it might have paid off.

Rain plays rival driver, Taejo Togokahn to main lead, Speed Racer (Emile Hirsch). But the both of them later make up and become friends to fight against the enemy. In the new 4 minutes trailer, we see Rain’s cool side in the car, executing a flying kick, getting beaten with blood flowing, etc. All these showing that he has a heavy role in the movie and is not just restricted to driving a car!

Rain has a few lines in the trailer and among them, his “Stop Showing Off” line goes to show that his hard work in learning the English language has paid off.

Speed Racer is adapated from the 1960s Japanese animated series of the same name, Speed Racer and there’s lots of Japanese elements in the movie. For example, car drifting techniques, ninjas, winding race tracks akin to Initial D’s Gunma prefecture, etc. All these serving to retain a Japanese feel to the movie.

The Japanese movie company are placing great emphasis on the movie success and is planning to hold a grand movie premiere at the Tokyo Dome, inviting Rain to attend together with 35,000 viewers. The screen at Tokto Dome will be an unprecedented 37m x 17.4m giant screen and they are planning to enter this in the Guinness World of Records. The movie company is also collaborating with Puma to release two shoes titled, “Mach5” and “X9” to tie in with car designs in the movie and sell it at the same time when the movie is released.

For Speed Racer, Rain is going all over the world to promote this debut Hollywood movie. He will first return to his homeland, Korea on 20th April. Then he will visit Hong Kong on 23rd April  and that’s the only South-East Asian country. He will then concentrate on the European and American markets. Among them, 9th May will be the movie premiere at Los Angeles followed by stops in Berlin and London. His final stop will be Tokyo, Japan on 29th June.

9 thoughts on “Rain speaks English in international Speed Racer trailer

  1. hmm..”let’s go!” and “stop showing off” equate to good english skills? Not so sure bout that. Guess we need to catch the whole movie to confirm…

  2. umm… i don’t think Hongkong is a south-east asian country.. hongkong is not even a country anymore, and china is an east asian country.. just wanted to point that out….

    anyway, the movie seems to be good… rain has more parts that what i expected, definitely a lot more than that G.O.D guy.. and his english turned out to be better than what i expected… i might check this movie when it comes out in the US..

  3. “let’s go” and “stop showing off” is a little too short for showing off good eng skills…hmm but i must say his pronounciation’s gotten better..then again these are just simple one-liners =_=
    guess we’ll have to wait n see!

  4. it could have been dubbed or it could have been him. Since his lines are mostly 1worders or 1 liners, his own voice might have been used in the movie. He has a number of english song with decent pronunciation so he should be able to deliver his lines well enough. I saw one english interview of him and his accent is kind off glazed with british accent on top of his korean accent. hehehe. Btw, he has been in the US in recent years so I expect his english improved dramatically. but i guess we will need to this movie as well as his promotional interviews before we can judge his english proficiency (at least in terms of pronunciaton).

    hope heaps of success for this guy even if he is not from my own country. he makes asians proud.

    btw, how come they dont invite him during hollywood bowl? Or they do but he is too busy to grace the event?

  5. It’s not dubbed… of course it is hard to tell since he doesn’t say a long sentence, but the “Stop showing off” was definitely him

  6. he said “come on” too. but my favorite line of the trailer was “wooh!!” …if that was even him under the helmet.

    this has got to be the most awesome trailer i’ve seen so far. well, only because rain got a lot of face time in this trailer. they started showing the trailer here in the US this week and i barely see him in them, even if it’s just 30 seconds.

    this is exciting! can’t wait to watch to despite it ruining my memories of watching the cartoon as a kid. same goes with that dragon ball movie.
    all in support for rain!

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