Pre-sales for Epik High 5th Album reaches 50k mark

Korean group Epik High will be making their comeback on 17th April with their new album. Their popularity is already surging as even before their new album, “Pieces, Part 1” hits the market, their album pre-sales volume have already reached the 50k mark. This is an indication that it’s gonna be a best seller.

Epik High - Pieces, Part One

Epik High has had an elaborate countdown album release event going on since 10th April and it’s the first time an album is using this method in Korea. Around 3000 Epik High posters have been pasted around the many busy streets of Seoul since 10th April plus related videos have been released onto the internet to add to the momentum. Jung Ryeo Won is seen in the latest video teaser which resembles a CF but she looks really good in it with the music playing.

Epik High has already completed the MV filming for their title track, “One” and they will be having a showcase on 17th April at CGV theater in Apkujeong, the same day that their album is released. This will kick-off their album promotions.

15 thoughts on “Pre-sales for Epik High 5th Album reaches 50k mark

  1. epik high!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the background music sounds really good already
    i can’t wait to get a copy of the album!

  2. I contributed to their pre-sales record… I pre-ordered as soon as their album became available.

    Epik High — Tablo especially — is love.

  3. i wish ppl would give mithra and tukutz due credit…as much as i love tablo epik high is not all him

    without a doubt though…great album!

  4. Mithrajin, I agree with you.
    The song sounds amazing… But does Epik High write their own songs?
    Also, is that Jisun formerly from Loveholic? Man… I’m so sad about them breaking up; Loveholic was one of my favorites… Speaking of break ups, when is Tablo gonna release something solo? I kinda wish he wouldn’t…

  5. Btw, Jung Ryu Won looks AMAZING. Even when she’s throwing things and crying, she looks so elegant. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen her in an actual project (I always see her traveling, etc.) and all I can say is WOW.

  6. i heard about the album release late, but i pre-ordered my copy as soon as i heard! im so glad that a lot of fans still support epik high’s 5th album! i’ve kept updated on and off and according to tablo they have all practically lived in the studios for the months before the albums release! they deserve the imminent success of this album.

    epik high hwaiting! ^_^

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