Lee Dong Gun picks himself for May comeback

Since the tragic loss of his brother on 20th March, Lee Dong Gun had suspended all his activities. But latest news is that he will be making his comeback in May.

Lee Dong Gun

According to sources close to him, “Lee Dong Gun has already set a time to enter the filming for “Every Day Every Night”. He will officially start filming on 1st May and the drama will be broadcasted on schedule in the middle of June.”

Besides the drama, Lee Dong Gun will be releasing a single in Japan and will fly there to promote it in the middle of May. His single was actually supposed to be released in April but was postponed to May following the loss of his brother.

Lee Dong Gun had signed an agreement with Sony Japan earlier this year to release a single album titled, “Tsuki Akari” on 26th March and has been well-received by fans. According to staff, “The album promotion and drama filming was supposed to be carried out in April and May. But with both having to be done in May now, Lee Dong Gun is expected to have a very busy month ahead.”

16 thoughts on “Lee Dong Gun picks himself for May comeback

  1. yepeeeeeeee………………….!?
    my idol is coming back…………………….!?
    im happy for you………i will give my full support for you…
    go..go..go..fighting……aja LeeDong gun…!?

  2. Hi LDG,

    Nice and happy to hear your news again. Aja, dong gun i will be always sliently be at your side supporting you no matter where you’re.

  3. hi mr. lee dong gun
    it is nice to hear that your comong back in the big screen.
    im you biggest fan since in green rose.

    i like you so much………………..


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