Jang Dong Gun and Kim Tae Hee most popular in 2008 thus far

Jang Dong Gun and Kim Tae Hee has been picked as the most popular actor and actress respectively in the earlier half of 2008.

Jang Dong Gun and Kim Tae Hee

The survey was done by LeesPR on 1,404 people ranging from 13-65 years old in five cities on the most popular aristes and the results was released yesterday. Among actors, Jang Dong Gun obtained 25.4% beating out Jo In Sung (19.2%) and Ahn Sung Ki (7.1%). Jang Dong Gun has maintained his position since the latter half of 2005.

Among actresses, Kim Tae Hee got 16% of the votes beating out Jeon Ji Hyun who only had 8.5%. Kim Tae Hee result was all the more surprising as she had lept from 4th position to No.1 past Jeon Ji Hyun who was tops last time. Kim Ha Neul and Choi Jin Shil got 8.4% and placed joint third.

Among singers, Rain and Wonder Girls dominated the male and female categories with 15.7% and 20% respectively. Among gagmen, Yoo Jae Suk and Shin Bong Seon dominated with 51.1% and 45.9% respectively.

6 thoughts on “Jang Dong Gun and Kim Tae Hee most popular in 2008 thus far

  1. i like kim tae hee and jung dong gun so much, i like jung dong gun in all about eve and kim tae hee in love story in harvard so much. now i still love her. i like her smile and manner .

  2. jang dong gun will always forever remain the tom cruise of korea, imo. although he’s not even doing shows anymore, he’s still popular and highly respected as an actor. kim tae hee, on the other hand, is just beautiful!!! her acting is improving and i hope to see her do more shows soon, because she’s sooo pretty and popular. i love kim tae hee and jang dong gun’s commercial for hera, i think. korea sure knows how to pair the king and queen together. they’re absolutely adorable together!!

  3. lol thats right!

    Rain & the Wonder Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!


    JYPers WHAT!

    lol i know isn’t under JYP anymore but..who made him famous?


  4. yes… their acting were so cool. I like Kim Tae Hee because when she acted either as a good or bad person (Stairway to Heaven), she was perfect. Jang Dong Gun, you are very cool too!!! Love you all!

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