Popularity voting for Popular Actor and Actress deadlocked at 44th Baeksang Awards

The 44th Baeksang Awards will be held next week (24th April, Thursday) and it has been an intriguing contest thus far especially in the voting count for the Popular Actor/Actress on the official website. In the driving seat are two couples respectively, Bae Yong Joon, Lee Ji Ah from MBC “Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi” and Kang Ji Hwan, Sung Yuri from KBS “Hong Gil Dong”.

Kang Ji Hwan, Sun Yuri deadlocked with Bae Yong Joon, Lee Ji Ah

Audience can use their mobile or through the internet to vote for their favourite actor/actress with the voting lines ending on 21st April. And currently Kang Ji Hwan is leading with 42.1% with Bae Yong Joon not far behind with 41.9%, just 0.2% difference. The two hot favourites account for nearly 84% of the total vote and the rest are merely making up numbers since the difference is far too big. In third place is Lee Jun Ki with 5.4% while fourth is Gong Yoo with 3.4%. In fifth place is Jang Geun Suk with 2.6%. The Popular Actor has thus become a personal duel between the two leading men.

Same story over in the Popular Actress category with Lee Ji Ah and Sung Yuri holding a huge lead over the rest. Lee Ji Ah currently holds top spot with 39% while Sung Yuri is second with 38.1%. In third place is Yoon Eun Hye with 12%.

Since voting begun on 26th March for the Popular Actor/Actress award, it has become a battlefield between fans eager to see their idol coming up tops. Inevitably it has also coincidentally turned into a “fight” between the leading man/woman of two period dramas. Who exactly will become the victor? We will know on 24th April next week.

19 thoughts on “Popularity voting for Popular Actor and Actress deadlocked at 44th Baeksang Awards

  1. I hope Sung Yuri and Kang ji hwan win the award. They deserve it so much..i’m supporting Sung Yuri and Kang ji hwan ALL THE WAY!!!

  2. I’m also hoping that Sung Yuri & Kang Ji Hwan win the award. I like this couple better than Bae Yong Joon & Lee Ji Ah. Song Yuri is a veteran actress than Lee Ji Ah. I just hope Bae Yong Joon cut his hair already, his drama is over.

  3. i also hope that the winners will be Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yuri …because both are really greats actors and i loved to see them acting together in HONG GIL DONG!!!!
    really the cutest couple !!!!!!

  4. Lee ji ah..capture Filipnos heart…she really deserve to win the said category…

    Congratulations and more powers….

  5. i know that lee ji ah would win this award cuz even she is just a new actress lot of persons liked her alrdy so i vote 4 lee ji ah

  6. Well….. I hope Bae yong jung and Lee jiah win this award…. They BYJ please don’t cut your hair, I like it….. make you more cute…. most like you in long hair……

  7. WAAAAHHHH!!!! sung yuri and kang ji hwan SHOULD DEFINITELY GET THE AWARD!!!! they are SUPER cute together…and personally i love the drama.

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