5 thoughts on “Park Min Young Spris ’08 Posters (2P)

  1. Sup coolsmurf. You are all over the internet with your Korean stuff which is great because I enjoy the English subs. I am currently watching “I Am Sam”. PMY is pretty cute in it. That’s basically the only thing that keeps me interested because most of the acting is pretty poor especially Teacher Jang. Well thanks for the pics.

  2. Rofl akaxvii, i know where ur going…
    and i totally agree…
    while i don’t rlly give about girls getting plastic surgery,
    girls using plastic surgery to becoming famous such as…oh i don’t know, an actor/model, is totally rediculous…
    i don’t agree with her fame, and i hope she fails like the faker that she is…

  3. erm…as far as i know, she din actually reshape her body..she did surgery for double eye-lid..and i dont see any wrong with that…she’s perfectly beautiful before and after..she does well in this industry and we shud keep supporting her…

  4. i don’t really care with surgery
    besides,she was also pretty frm before
    she just surge her eyelids i think
    and it’s common in korea

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