Jung Ryeo Won best sisters with Han Ye Seul

Jung Ryeo Won who rose to fame with MBC “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” is currently on a break. And during her break, she posted wacky photos of herself together with fellow actress, Han Ye Seul showing their deep friendship.

Han Ye Seul and Ryeo Won

The photos uploaded on 5th April by Ryeo Won on her Cyworld minihompy was titled, “me and leslie” and it was a three sequence shot where the two of them made wacky poses. There was captions below the photos saying Han Ye Seul is a calm A-blood type girl while Ryeo Won herself is a passionate B-blood type girl. Although their personalities aren’t the same, but they are able to connect with each other. It’s understood that the both of them often head to church holding hands, symbolising their deep friendship.

Many fans left messages at her Cyworld saying, “The both of them are really pretty.” “So envious, able to find such a good friend in the industry.”

Ryeo Won has currently accepted an offer to appear for a SBS drama and will be making her comeback soon.

10 thoughts on “Jung Ryeo Won best sisters with Han Ye Seul

  1. I’m sorry but I despise Han Ye Seul. She acts/talks like she’s two and yeah, some people might find it cute, but I think it’s plain annoying and childish. Jung Ryeo Won should get some better friends…

    Random question, but I can’t remember how Han Ye Seul knows how to speak English…Anyone know? Didn’t she live in some European country for a while? Or maybe that was Lee Da Hae…

  2. I think both of them are gorgeous<3
    And yes, Han Yeseul is from Cali while Lee Dahae is from Australia, I believe.

  3. ,,botH pretty but HAN YE SEUL is the BEST,,i like her so much in couple of fantasy,,

    ,,i like “MATARAY beauty”

    i miss this show,,HAN YE SEUL i hope u visit our country “philippines”

    ,,Godbless,,LOVE YOU PO,,

    msg frm=


  4. Jung yeo is the best among the rest.email me if u have a time.jung,i am 1 of your fans here in the philippines.i love you jung. .eat a lot.and sleep a lot.goodluck to your career and to your family.godbless u.

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