Shinhwa shows their support for Andy and Solbi

Shinhwa sudden appearance in MBC Sunday Sunday Night, “We Got Married” yesterday to give Andy and Solbi support delighted viewers who were watching.


In yesterday episode, at the end while the preview was showing next week highlights, Shinhwa suddenly appeared in the picture. Solbi who has been dangling Eric’s name on her lips for weeks now and making Andy frustrated, managed to successfully get on a phone conversation with Eric. Scenes of all 6 Shinhwa members meeting Solbi will also be shown next week.

Surprised Solbi

This special appearance by Shinhwa who has just stepped into their 10th year together as a group was to lend their support to Andy-Solbi couple who has been the most popular couple in “We Got Married” thus far.

With SBS and MBC currently in a spat, will this have an effect on Shinhwa since they are going to appear on MBC “We Got Married”. Andy has already been “banned” from SBS shows and indirectly indirectly his own members and possibly other artistes who now have to make a stand and think twice before being able to go on their respective music shows.

Since becoming a regular on MBC Sunday Sunday Night “We Got Married”, Andy has been the darling of female viewers and it’s surging ratings has defeated SBS Good Sunday programs in the same timeslot week after week since it’s first episode. So it was a shock to learn that Andy has been “marked” by SBS and banned from its shows because of this. He was afterall their Inkigayo MC for a long time. This has made his fellow Shinhwa members, Kim Dong Wan and Jun Jin particularly nervous with their albums coming out soon at the end of April.

On the other hand, yesterday’s episode sees the four couples, Andy-Solbi, Alex-Shin Ae, Crown J-Seo In Young, Saori-Jung Hyung Don being tasked with preparing kimchi together. This was a groundbreaking episode for the Saori-Jung Hyung Don couple who has been unable to understand each other in the first 4 episodes and they finally get to patch up in yesterday episode.

Jung Hyung Don and Saori

Other than that, it’s business as usual for the other 3 couples.

18 thoughts on “Shinhwa shows their support for Andy and Solbi

  1. This whole fued with SBS and MBC is getting ridiculous. I mean, there are only three main stations, SBS, MBC, and KBS, and it’s impossible to be in one and not the other for entertainers. I don’t remember which station started this with the whole Super Junior thing but really, it needs to stop.

    Andy and Solbi… Gosh, I wish they would get together in real life… They’re so cute.

    Can’t wait to watch this episode!

  2. i really wanna see next weeks episode!
    solbi is so funny.
    lets see how she handles shinhwa! hahaha!

  3. wow…the whole SBS and MBC conflict is so retarded. But its funny to see Andy getting frustrated with Solbi asking for Eric. Haha, all the girls want Eric..

  4. i just saw the 5th episode, but it hasnt been subbed yet.
    it is sooo funny, the whole andy got the wrong pant for his couple pajama and when shin ae is a bit more open to alex. alex is such a gentleman! i’d be in heaven if my bf acts like him. hehehehehe.

    i adore andy&solbi where the agressor is solbi,hahahaha.they’re just soooo funny.
    shin ae and alex are just too sweet to each other! love them!

    anywayyy, i just found out that shin ae is minwoo of shinhwa’s ex.hahaha. just last week i found this out.

    thanks alvin for keeping us updated 🙂

  5. With Eric and Dongwan enlisted to the military (and gone for 3 years), shinhwa wont be able to perform anyway.
    Appearing on KBS and support Andy is great and clever.
    I mean… shinhwa is wont be able to perform on MBC due to Andy and Eric and DongWan will be gone for 3 years.
    Why not just support (their beloved member) Andy and make him more popular?

    And of course.. make the rest of us shinhwa fans happy ^^
    I mean… surprise appearing on “We get married” is just ^^

  6. I can’t wait for the this episode. Alvin, hope you would post this one on YT, with English sub? (: (: (:

  7. yea i agree with everyone else…the spati s ridiculous…if he can make money for you – why can’t he make money for another company? banning him and other people is just making you less money – they’re not entertainment companies…it doesn’t make sense… O.o

    Hmm i thought alex and shinae were the most popular couple? lol saori and hyung don are too funny ~~ andy adn solbi are cute but TOO cute…it’s so 느끼 watching them >_<

  8. E,
    No, Shinae and Alex aren’t the most popular. The most perfect, yes… I actually want to throw up watching Alex’s romantic antics… (I’m a fan of him though :))

    I think it’s hard to pinpoint which couple is really the most popular out of Crown J and Seo In Young, Andy and Solbi, and Saori and Hyung Don. They’ve all gotten really good press from this show.

  9. actually according to an online poll the most popular couple as voted by Korean netizens by far is Andy-Solbi,followed by Alex-Shinae.Crown J-SIY couple doesnt really get that many articles/mentions based on their appearance on the show while DonDon-Saori has been popular but for all the wrong reasons.

    thanks alvin for still subbing the two most popular couple cuts!:D

  10. can some one tell me what’s that french song that they play at the starting of the show? thankies!

  11. @CoolBlog, i will at the earliest possible time.

    @LAdili99, no sides really, but mbc doesn’t like suju. really blew up with kangin who was on ehb with sbs and then mbc stripped him from 3 shows.

    @chelsea, it’s known as Sympathique – Je ne veux pas travailler

  12. who wouldn’t like eric mun, huh? even those who lost their sanity would! hehehehehe………………….

  13. hi is there any linked for the special of WGM.
    i want to watch it from the start although i find the special lunar presentation there aren’t any subs.

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