Jang Dong Gun, Kim Tae Hee top choice to spend Black Day with

14th April is Black Day and celebrated in Korea. Jang Dong Gun and Kim Tae Hee has been chosen respectively as the celebrities that fans would like to spend the day with. (Koreans fascination with the 14th of every month, almost)

Jang Dong Gun and Kim Tae Hee

In a poll done by a Korean beer brand from 8th – 11th April on 1701 people with their ages ranging from 20-30 years old, Jang Dong Gun and Kim Tae Hee was top with 26.5% and 30.4% respectively. Jo In Sung and Jeon Ji Hyun was second with 26.3% and 12.1% respectively. In third was Kang Dong Won and Yoon Eun Hye with 10.7% and 9.1% respectively. Rain and Kim Ha Neul was fourth with the same percetage as the above pairing. In 5th place was Gong Yoo and Ha Ji Won with 9.1% and 8.8% respectively.

On Black Day (14th April) in Korea, all the guys who didn’t get chocolates and the girls who didn’t get candy get together to drown their sorrows in a Ja Jyung Myung feast. They will encourage each other to try again next year. The beer company conducting this poll said, “Black Day has become a significant event for them (youths) and thus we did this poll to add more zest to this day.”

offtopic: I get my instant Ja Jyung Myung fix by buying it from my local NTUC supermarket. After seeing Andy and Solbi playing the Ja Jyung Myung game and remembering how a former drama, “Fantasy Couple” had their main leads eating it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, I just went and bought it again.

3 thoughts on “Jang Dong Gun, Kim Tae Hee top choice to spend Black Day with

  1. I love this post for TWO REASONS:

    ” 1. January 14th is Diary Day – a mutual exchange of New Year’s diaries.
    2. February 14th Valentine’s Day – girls give boys chocolates.
    3. March 14th White Day – boys give girls candies.
    4. April 14th Black Day – time for the unloved to eat black noodles.
    5. May 14th Rose Day – a mutual exchange.
    6. June 14th Yellow Day – the kids were pretty vauge on this (frankly) ‘made up’ day. They didn’t seem to know why it was called Yellow Day, but it had something to do with the exchange of teddy bears.
    7. July 14th Kiss Day – the kids weren’t vague about this at all. 🙂 ”

    This is craaaaaaaaaazy. I knew about Feb, March, and April but didn’t know there were THAT many 14th celebratory days. Wow.

    My dream is to try Ja Jyung Myung! I keep seeing it being eaten and I’m dying to try. After the Andy/Solbi episode, I was almost drooling! I’m trying to find a Korean restaurant around here to get it. Quickly too!

  2. ^^haha since you guys are talking about ja jyung myung, i just remembered that my korean friend and i cooked it before but it wasn’t so good, hahaha. i want to try it at a korean restaurant.

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