Solbi wants to try everything to make fans happy

The only “flower” in mixed-gender group Typhoon has expressed her desire to broaden her involvement in many areas of the entertainment industry during the press conference for MBC drama “Life Special Investigation Team”.


Solbi who is a regular and particularly active on variety programs has said, “As long as it makes people happy, I am willing to give it a shot at anything.”

After her small role in MBC drama “Before and After” earlier this year, Solbi will be involved in “Life Special Investigation Unit” which starts broadcasting today. At the press conference earlier in the week, she said, “I don’t feel that acting means that I can’t participate in variety shows. I also want to continue performing on stage.” Her words showing her desire to excel in many areas of the entertainment industry. (which is not the norm)

In her new drama, Solbi plays an extraordinary clerical worker who has a sharp tongue. With regards to her role, she said, “It’s a 4-dimensional character and it’s not too much of a difference from my usual behavior. That’s why my management didn’t have the need to send me for any acting classes.” She added, “This is my first full acting role so I am learning a lot from the seniors. After being accustomed to the freestyle nature of variety shows, I have to now ditch that and followed the rigid system of drama filming. It was difficult to adjust initially but Shim Eun Jin sunbaenim who graduated from a singer background herself has taught me a lot.”

Lastly, Solbi expressed that after acting in MBC Sunday Sunday Night segment, “We Got Married”, her Anti fans has reduced substantially (amazing considering her partner is Andy of Shinhwa) which made her very happy.

5 thoughts on “Solbi wants to try everything to make fans happy

  1. Yay…her antis have stopped! I felt bad for her when they called her stupid and hurtful things….I wish her the best!

  2. Awww, makes me so proud of Shinhwa fans, we don’t go all anti when female artists gets involced with the guys. It’s a good thing that Solbi’s # of antis have dropped, she’s too cute to hate.

    Thank you, Alvin!

    Hope you’re feeling better.

  3. “Solbi plays an extraordinary clerical worker who has a sharp tongue”

    That sounds just like her! 😀

  4. I heard solbi was involved in a sex scandal video… well actually I already saw that video. I did compared her face to that girl in the vid, I can say she’s a look alike, comparing with the whole body pics of solbi I can say that they are different…. I am not a fan of solbi, but that video can do a lot of negative impact… that’s why I wrote this comment.. that is all…

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