Jewelry dominates Music Bank One More Time

Jewelry continued their dominance on KBS Music Bank as they made it 6 in a row as number one once again. Their popularity showing no signs of abating.


In KBS Music Bank shown yesterday, Jewelry retained their No.1 position on the K-Chart ranking with their infectious “One More Time” hit. This was their six consecutive win and besting their own record of five before yesterday.

Jewelry’s six consecutive wins took on an even greater significance as Music Bank was using a new K-Chart system yesterday. Lead singer Park Jung Ah said, “I’m very happy. Truely thank all the fans for letting us sing on stage happily.” Jewelry was in direct competition with Lee Seung Gi’s “I will give you all” and Kim Dong Ryul’s ‘Like A Child” and came out the winner.

Besides Music Bank, Jewelry had also won for three consecutive weeks on SBS Inkigayo and five consecutive weeks on MBC Music Core with “One More Time” as they dominated all music shows on the three major tv stations.

Jewelry feat. Poppin’ Hyun Joon – One More Time (Remix)
Poppin’ Hyun Joon belonging to the same company as Jewelry performed together in a remixed version of the song and gave an energetic performance.

5 thoughts on “Jewelry dominates Music Bank One More Time

  1. i like the song even though i don’t understand it…anywayz…i nid to download it from YT…gogo

  2. nice song, it’s catchy.
    but i guess this is the time of the year when major artist are on break.
    they have no other contender <<is it right to say it that way?
    they have wisely released this catchy song when other hyped songs were about to fade.
    nice strategy eh?
    they worked hard anyway.

  3. @akon, M.Net Media

    @chuchu, K-Chart system is where they tabulate scores from various avenues like mobile ranking, downloads, album sales, etc.

    I think they struck gold at a time where competition is weak. Plus as everyone said, “One More Time” carries on the retro beat, filling the void that Wonder Girls left behind with “Tell Me” from last year.

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